Pokemon Go players are cackling over Xurkitree TikTok dance trailer

Pokemon Go fans are delighted by an Ultra Beast trailer for Xurkitree that has aired on TikTok. The video clip shows the Electric-type Legendary busting sick viral moves alongside a human player, directly contrasting its terrifying appearance.

Ultra Beasts have taken over Pokemon Go, with players battling the powerful Alolan Legendries all around the world. Each Ultra Beast added to the game has received terrifying trailers on social media, with cinematic videos showcasing their power.

However, the Electric-type Xurkitree has arrived on the scene with a more creative flourish.

Ultra Beasts are powerful Legendary Pokemon that come into the world via Pokemon Go Ultra Wormholes instead of Raid eggs. During Pokemon Go Fest 2022, players were first introduced to Ultra Beasts when Professor Willow went missing. While the strange Legendries are odd to look at, they pack a powerful punch in battle.

Pokemon Go Ultra Beast Xurkitree knows destructive dance moves

Near the end of August, the official Pokemon Go TikTok channel gave players the first official look at Xurkitree. The video is shown from the perspective of an officer work’s phone.

As the lights flicker and short out, the person holding the phone stumbles to the window and throws it open. Upon looking up, they find Xurkitree clinging to the side of the building. It reaches toward the camera, and a scream cuts the video short.

However, this terrifying debut is disrupted by another video of Xurkitree aired a day later on Pokemon Go’s TikTok. In this video, the seemingly bloodthirsty Ultra Beast stands on a grassy field, waving its cable-like arms. As a silly dance track plays in the background, a Pokemon Go trainer jumps in to dance alongside it, the pair busting out slick TikTok-style dance moves.

While the cinematic trailers do portray the danger and destruction of these strange, alien Pokemon, fans seem partial to this cute dancing alternative. Pokemon Go players in the comments were delighted, with Wwhy.not pointing out “not like there was just a video on this same account showing this pokemon about to kill a man, but now it’s dancing” and didyxz adding “damn bruh I didn’t know he chill like that”.

Additionally, in a post shared by user vannesprite, the Pokemon Go player says they’re “losing my absolute sh** at how Pokemon Go has been rolling out these cool, somewhat terrifying trailers to tease the ultra beasts and then xurkitree gets this,” with another user commenting “Okay, I’ve been thinking about this for hours. I think this is my favorite video ever actually”.

Currently, Xurkitree isn’t available in any raids, with its debut appearance in Pokemon Go limited to Sapporo, Japan during August. Despite this, its quirky dance moves seem to have endeared it to a number of avid players.

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