Pokémon Go player creates more nightmare fuel with Psyduck Charizard fusion

A Pokemon Go player has shared a terrifying fusion screenshot, continuing a trend of nightmare-inducing species combinations that are sure to haunt any who looks at them.

Pokemon fusions are a popular and interesting way for fans of games like Pokemon Go to stretch their creative muscles. These combinations can be done using online fusion generators, or even through grafting images of different species together.

However, things have taken a shocking turn following a Galarian Moltres fusion shared by a fan on Reddit. The player mashed a Psyduck head on the Galarian Legendary bird, explaining the creation was inspired by a Pokemon Go nightmare.

While plenty of players are experiencing anxiety about recent changes in the mobile app, this monstrous hybrid indicates some may be more frustrated than developer Niantic may realize.

Pokemon Go fusions look can be mistaken for glitches

In a new Twitter post shared by user Smarpy, a new round of nightmare fuel has surfaced in the form of a Shiny Charizard Pokemon Go fusion with the same Psyduck head from the Galarian Moltres combination.

At first glance, the recolored Psyduck head on the Shiny Charizard body seems to be a glitch produced by the Pokemon app. However, when players look closely at the image, it can be seen the Psyduck head is a much higher resolution than the Charizard in the screenshot.

However, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about how such a horrific combination could come to exist. Jokingly, PKMTrainerGoose comments “Paldean Charizard confirmed?” while KnuffigerJean adds “Yeah, it is supposed to be flying/water/fire. Somehow the water type symbol is not showing”.

Other Pokemon Go fusion fans have caught on to the joke, having seen recreations of the original post across Twitter and Reddit. DuckieOh_ says “i hope this trend never dies” while others share their praise for the bizarre creation of startling monsters.

While the original trend surfaced as an artistic exploration of Pokemon Go Legendary anxiety, similar artistic takes on Psyduck fusion prove that well-loved companions from the Pokemon franchise can quickly become creatures of terror in the right combinations. While scary, they are definitely something to behold.

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