Pokémon Go: Can Elgyem Be Shiny?

Pokémon Go is hosting another limited-time event, and that means it’s time to go and capture the Pokémon it’s introduced to the game. The Psychic Spectacular is the latest event to hit the augmented reality game, and with it come plenty of Psychic Pokémon to spend time with.

From September 6 through September 12, players have the chance to capture Psychic Pokémon, including Ralts, Munna, Woobat, Abra and Drowzee. There’s also the somewhat strange Pokémon Elgyem. It’s a later-generation monster that most recently appeared in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

During this event and others like it, you can rack up rewards by completing challenges and capturing monsters. It’s prudent to spend as much time as possible going out and finding the Pokémon you still need to fill out your Pokédex, with that in mind.

Fortunately, you can catch the rarer Elgyem during the Psychic Spectacular, as there’s a higher chance of finding it out in the wild. But Shiny Pokémon collectors have one thing on their minds: Can you catch a shiny Elgyem in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go: Elgyem
The Psychic Pokémon Elgyem, seen above, can be captured in ‘Pokémon Go.’ However, there’s also a special Shiny version you can find as well, but it’ll take some doing if you want to find one.

Can Elgyem Be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Yes, Elgyem can be a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go. While the normal Elgyem is a grayish blue color with deep green eyes, black markings, and red, yellow and green spots on its hands, the Shiny version is a bit darker in color. It has pink eyes instead of green eyes as well, which will be your biggest indicator of the Pokémon’s Shiny status.

If you want to add a Shiny Elgyem to your collection, you’ve got to know how to catch a regular Elgyem first. You’ll find them during the Psychic Spectacular event for a limited time. Be on the lookout for regular Elgyems as they appear and capture them whenever you have the ability.

Eventually, you may happen upon the Shiny Elgyem. Make sure you work to capture it, since it might be difficult to find again—it has an appearance rate of just 0.2 percent. Alternatively, Elgyem can sometimes appear as a reward for special Timed Research and Field Research missions.

The good news is, if you find a Shiny Elgyem and catch it, the encounter rate for the Pokémon will go up. Bottom line? Find the monster, catch it and keep on catching it. That’s your best bet.

Pokémon Go is available to play on iOS and Android for free right now.

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