PlayStation VR2 Can’t Play Original PlayStation VR Games

Sony confirms some disappointing news for potential PlayStation VR2 owners when the headset launches next year.

PlayStation VR2, Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset that’s in development for PlayStation 5, will not be backward compatible with original PlayStation VR games. The PlayStation VR2 headset is set to make some significant advancements, introducing new controllers and other features that will apparently make it difficult for the new headset to be compatible with the older games.

This is likely disappointing news for VR fans who already have a collection of original PlayStation VR games that they were hoping to play using the PlayStation VR2 headset. After all, the original PlayStation VR headset has been around for six years at this point, and it’s seen some significant virtual reality releases in its time, including the highly-rated Astro Bot Rescue Mission, fan favorite music/rhythm game Beat Saber, and more.


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However, it seems in order for the PlayStation VR2 to truly be a leap forward, these older games are going to have to be left behind. PlayStation’s Hideaki Nishino explained as much in the latest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast, pointing out how the PlayStation VR2 has new controllers and eye-tracking that wouldn’t necessarily work with older VR titles that were made with the original headset and PS Move controllers in mind.

The good news is that while PlayStation VR2 headsets will not be able to play older PlayStation VR games, the original PlayStation VR headset can still be used on a PS5 console. Those interested will have to buy a PlayStation VR headset adapter to do so, but it’s better than only being able to access one’s PS VR library on a PlayStation 4 console.

It’s likely that some of the more popular virtual reality games will get proper PlayStation VR2 ports at some point anyway. It’s hard to see Beat Saber skipping PlayStation VR2, for example. But while the better older games may make the jump to PlayStation VR2 eventually, the real focus will be on the brand-new experiences that are being built from the ground-up to work with Sony’s new virtual reality headset.

Some of the most notable games currently in development for PlayStation VR2 are Horizon Call of the Mountain, Firewall Ultra, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution. PlayStation VR2 is also getting virtual reality versions of popular games that already exist, like No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village. So while PlayStation VR2 adopters won’t be able to play their original PlayStation VR games on the new headset, they should still have plenty of new titles to check out.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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