Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Potential Release Date, Cast, Story & More

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 is something that fans of the show are desperate to know about after Season 2’s rather incredible finale episode. So, what’s happening with it? Is the third season on the horizon over at Hulu (Disney Plus STAR if you’re living outside of the United States as I am)? If so, when could it be released, who could be starring in it and what could the story all be about? These are all questions that I am going to try and answer for you in this article.

However, be warned that not all of the answers are readily available as we are still rather early on in the whole process. We do know some things, and the minute we hear any new information about Only Murders In The Building (which we’ll refer to from now on as OMITB) Season 3, we will update this article. So, make sure you keep on coming back here for any new information. Right, without any further ado, let’s talk about OMITB’s third season.

Is Only Murders In The Building Season 3 happening or not?


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So, the case is closed for Season 2, but that doesn’t mean that the mysteries are over. The end of the second season teased a pretty epic third season for the true crime obsessives Charles (played by Steve Martin), Oliver (played by Martin Short) and Mabel (played by Selena Gomez). They solved the death of Bunny Folger (played Jayne Houdyshell). But, the trio are going to have to solve another murder. This means that Only Murders In The Building Season 3 is happening.

The series ended up getting a pretty impressive 17 nominations at this year’s Emmy Awards. The nominations included Best Comedy Series, Best Actor in a Comedy Series and Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for Jane Lynch. So, we’ve managed to solve one mystery about the upcoming season of OMITB. It’s happening.

It was revealed that the third season is happening after just three episodes of the second season had been released. Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment president Craig Erwich called the series the “true crown jewel of our slate.”

He said the following in a statement (via TV Line):

Its appeal across generations, the intersection of humour and heart, and its truly original approach are a hallmark of and testament to Dan [Fogelman], John [Hoffman], Steve, Marty and Selena’s work. We are grateful to be able to continue telling the stories of Charles, Oliver and Mabel to viewers that have consistently shown us they crave more of this story.

This didn’t come as much of a surprise because the trio did previously hint that Season 3 was happening on TikTok. Selena, Martin and Steve raised a glass to “a great season 2,” with Steve saying, “to a great season 3.” This prompted surprised oh’s from Selena and Martin. “Well, next year,” Steve added as Selena replied, “Hopefully.”



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When could it be released?


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As for when the third season of the show could be released, that’s not the easiest question to answer. They already seem to be in development for the third season, and they should start filming pretty soon. This means that the third season should be released on 2023. Hopefully, more towards the beginning of the year rather than the end of it.

Given that it usually takes about 18 months for a season to be made from start to finish. This means that Only Murders In The Building Season 3 could be released in May to December 2023. The issue is that there’s been no official statement made about when fans should expect to see the third season of the hit show. I’ve heard some people suggest that the third season should be released in the summer of 2023.

Who could be starring in Only Murders In The Building Season 3?


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There have been a lot of pretty awesome celebrity cameos in this show. They included the likes of Sting, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Shirley MacLaine, Cara Delevingne to name but a few. With OMITB, I’m expecting them to carry on this tradition. It’s already been revealed that Paul Rudd is going to be in the third season of the show. We actually saw him at the end of Season 2, and it looks like the trio will be trying to solve his murder after he died on stage on the opening night of Oliver’s new play.

Here are the people that we are certain will be returning for Only Murders In The Building Season 3:

  • Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora
  • Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage
  • Martin Short as Oliver Putnam
  • Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Detective Williams

Paul Rudd made one of the best cameos we’ve seen in the show in Season 2’s finale. He was playing the star of Oliver’s play, Ben Glenroy. He ended up dying a nasty on-stage death. It looked like it was some sort of poison, and it does seem as though Charles will be a prime suspect this time around.

One of the questions you might have is will Paul Rudd reappear in Season 3. The show’s co-creator John Hoffman told Variety he’s “someone we clearly want to know more about and see in our upcoming season 3 — as he is a clear source of many upcoming questions and, as ever with our show, many twists yet to come!”

What could the story be about?


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So, what could happen in the third season? Well, the creators did reveal that Only Murders In The Building Season 3 will end up shifting its focus toward Oliver. This was already happening in Season 2. The end of the season saw a one-year time jump to Oliver’s Broadway directorial debut, which didn’t go too well with his star, Ben Glenroy, dying on stage.

John Hoffman explained to The Hollywood Reporter the following:

If season 1 was a little more focused on the emotional storyline for Mabel and Tim Kono, and season two was a little more emotionally connected to Charles and his relationship with his father and himself, I’m very excited to both lean into the theatrical side of New York City and also into Oliver and his world.

John also revealed that as of August 23, 2022, the show’s writers have already been writing the third season for six weeks. He went on to promise an “insane” and “so exciting” season ahead. “It’s also very twisty,” John admitted to TVLine. “We try to check ourselves, like, ‘OK, what can we do and how can we do this differently?’ and ‘What feels like a different take? A fresh take?’”

He added: “So I can only say hang tight! There’s a lot going on, and certainly, the victim is colourfully drawn so far.”

Is there a trailer for Only Murders In The Building Season 3 yet?


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There is no trailer for Only Murders In The Building Season 3 as of yet. However, we will update you as soon as the new trailer is released.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching Only Murders In The Building Season 3 when it’s finally released on Hulu? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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