Nintendo Switch PC Game Streaming Card Showcased

A new device called the Stream Card, for Nintendo Switch owners, was showcased at the Tokyo Game Show. Created by a firm called Tassei, the SD card slot-housed device facilitates PC game streaming over Wi-Fi onto your Switch screen. The device was shown with the surprise hit game Stray in action in a video demo.

Nintendo’s Switch console has an excellent games library, but it isn’t the most powerful handheld around. Therefore, games that look great on PC can pale a little on the small screen. Then there is the question of game availability and pricing – Tom’s Hardware readers know the PC platform is the king of choice and value. Lastly, though some cloud versions of PC AAA games are available on the Switch (notably from Ubisoft and Capcom), there isn’t any competitor product or service that opens up your PC game library to Nintendo’s handheld hybrid – until now.

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