Nightmare Reaper Unleashes Console Reveal Trailer

Nightmare Reaper is expanding its dark and violent FPS gameplay onto a few consoles following its superior success on Steam. PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch players will get to finally experience the retro horror title when it lands next year. As for now, publisher Feardemic and Blazing Bit Games have unveiled a console reveal trailer for Nightmare Reaper for fans to check out.

It’s the Start of a Bloody Good time in Nightmare Reaper

For new players, Nightmare Reaper is essentially a mix of old-school FPS chaos with modern rogue-lite features. You assume the role of a fighting woman who’s stuck in a neverending nightmare. As you progress through the madness, you’ll continually upgrade your character to proceed with the carnage. It’s also an intense looter shooter, so you’ll find yourself equipping a variety of weapons. It’ll come in handy as you face off against massive hordes of demonic foes. Of course, don’t expect the same results to occur after you die. You’ll just wake up to get back into the action.

Nightmare Reaper has received a great deal of love ever since its Steam appearance on March 28, 2022. As of this writing, it currently has a Very Positive reception of 94% with 2,346 reviews. There’s even a free demo for any interested FPS fanatics who need something fresh in their inventory. The game also has Andrew Hulshult of Quake Champions, DOOM Eternal, and several 3D Realms titles on the 1’s and 2’s. It breathes adoration for the FPS genre while offering something new yet familiar. Be sure to check out the console reveal trailer for Nightmare Reaper right here!

The game will be coming soon to consoles, yet PC warriors can wield their own action right now via Steam and GOG. As aforementioned, there is a free demo if you’re curious about making a purchase. Nightmare Reaper will be arriving on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch platforms sometime in 2023.

Have you given Nightmare Reaper a go before? What are your thoughts on the booming trailer? Let us know!

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