New World 1.6.6 Update Patch Notes

Today, the team Amazon Game Studios announced their upcoming 1.6.6 update to their free-to-play MMO New World. The 1.6.6 update for New World looks to address combat, world experience, and the economy. Hopefully, the patch will address the community concerns going forward. So, without any more introduction, here is the complete patch notes list for the New World 1.6.6 update.

New World 1.6.6 Update Patch Notes


  • Speculative fix for rare cases when a player character dies but isn’t presented with a respawn screen.
  • Fixed an issue with game mode scoreboards not displaying for players who join an in-progress War or Invasion.
  • Fixed an issue that caused erroneous invite messages for players who signed up for a War or Invasion at the same time a server crash occurred.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Nereid’s encounter from starting in the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition.


  • Fixed an unintended cube from appearing when next to the to Celestial Rabbit house pet.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with one side of a bed housing item.
  • Stained glass housing items will now properly display colors.

World Experience

  • Fixed an issue that caused event lore notes associated with Summer Villages to linger in the world after the seasonal event ended.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Medleyfaire fishing pole rewards from functioning after the seasonal event ended.
  • Fixed an issue where new characters would sometimes be erroneously placed into a standby queue even if there was ample capacity in the world to accommodate them.
  • Fixed an animation issue when interacting with the bed housing item.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fast travel to occasionally fail.
  • Fixed a rare server crash.


  • Speculative fix for player achievements and titles not appearing in the UI.

After reading through the patch notes for the 1.6.6 update to New World, you can find the game on pC for $39.99. Additionally you can follow later updates or future projects by following the teams at Amazon Game Studios.

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