Naruto is Finally Telling Kakashi’s Missing Story as the Sixth Hokage

Most of Kakashi’s time as Hokage in Naruto is unexplored due to it happening before Boruto. A new manga releasing this summer changes that.

With its large cast of compelling characters, Naruto is one of the most popular manga series in the world. In particular, Kakashi Hatake still resonates strongly with fans today, long after the series’ end in 2014. Kakashi is an elite ninja who was Naruto’s sensei, and who later became the Sixth Hokage. Unfortunately for fans of the character, not much about his time as Hokage is known due to his term occurring between the events of Naruto and Boruto. However, a new manga releasing this summer will change that.


Initially, Kakashi Hatake is introduced as aloof and slightly condescending. As the story moves along though, readers learn that Kakashi is a top-tier ninja with a dark past, and really does have a soft spot for his students. He sticks by their side all the way up to and during the final confrontation. After Tsunade steps down, Kakashi takes her place, and he knows as well as all the fans do, that he is just holding the spot until Naruto is able to take his place.

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Kakashi does get screen time as Hokage in The Last: Naruto the Movie, but it’s mostly a supporting role. A new manga releasing this July promises to tell a Kakashi-centered story and will bridge the gap between Naruto and Boruto. It is titled Naruto: Kakashi’s Story – The Sixth Hokage and the Failed Prince. The manga will see Kakashi travel to an unknown land to do research on the Sage of Six Paths, but he gets involved with a village forsaken by its prince, whose people are experiencing a severe drought. The prince is allegedly able to end the drought with his water powers, but instead has his sights set elsewhere. Kakashi finds and confronts the prince and gets involved in a deeper plot threatening the unknown land.

This manga actually did come out in 2019, but only in Japan, and it has yet to be translated into other languages. Translation is currently in the works, and the novel is set to release in North America on July 26th.

Kakashi has not had too large of a role in Boruto’s fight against the alien Otsutsuki, but it’s only a matter of time before he appears in the series again. Fans itching to know what happened during Kakashi’s time as Hokage can have that itch scratched this summer. Be sure to pick up Naruto: Kakashi’s Story – The Sixth Hokage and the Failed Prince when it releases nationwide in bookstores and comic shops on July 26th.

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