Naruto Best Filler Episodes

As a part of the Big Three of Shonen Jump, Naruto has been setting the standards for other anime/manga series. Many people consider it to be the quintessential anime series because of its incredible story and action scenes. One of the biggest issues with the Naruto anime is the obnoxious amount of fillers.

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The series is known for putting out filler content to prolong the story. This was mainly done to keep a certain gap between the manga and the anime. While many of the filler episodes were of extremely poor quality, there are a handful of others that offer the viewers a solid experience.


7 Kakashi Shows His Face (Episode 469)

For a long time, Kakashi’s face tantalized the audience, as Kakashi kept his face hidden with a mask for the majority of the series. The mask covered his mouth, and nose, while the headband covered his left eye. In this particular episode, Naruto talks to Sakura and Sasuke about getting a higher-ranked mission.

Eventually, Naruto comes up with the idea of seeing Kakashi without a mask, and surprisingly, Sasuke was interested in the plan. The three young ninjas then began their journey to find a picture of Kakashi maskless, and suffice to say, the episode offers great laughs, which definitely makes it worth watching.

6 The Mask That Hides The Heart (Episode 349)

It is not a secret that Kakashi’s life has been filled with many sad moments. Kakashi suffered a great deal of trauma in the Third Great Ninja War, and it turned him into a recluse. Kakashi had nightmares about Rin’s death, which caused him to be holed up in his house even more.

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The episode focused on Kakashi’s mental health after the deaths of two of his closest friends, Obito and Rin. After Minato was appointed the Hokage, he tried to send Kakashi on a mission, but the young ninja struggled to stay focused and ended up being saved by Might Guy. Guy then informed Minato of the incident, and he asked Kakashi to join the Anbu. Since Kakashi had tried all the other ways of getting over his past, he decided to give Minato’s idea a shot and ended up joining the Anbu.

5 Minato’s Death (Episode 350)

Following his appointment as the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, Minato got to work immediately. In his mind, Minato thought that he would have a long and peaceful reign as the Hokage, but there were threats lurking in the dark, and he was completely unaware of them.

On the night when Naruto was born, Minato was extremely happy, and he wanted to spend time with his family. Unfortunately for Minato, Obito decided to invade the Hidden Leaf and unleash the Nine-Tails, which resulted in the deaths of Kushina, Minato, and many other villagers. The death of his teacher shook Kakashi to his very core, and Danzo took advantage of the situation by convincing him to join the Root.

4 The Rogue Ninja: Orochimaru (Episode 352)

The episode focused on Hiruzen’s relationship with his former pupil, Orochimaru. After finding out about Orochimaru’s unethical experiments, Hiruzen knew that he had to take action. The episode explored the relationship between a teacher and a student. It exquisitely highlighted how much Hiruzen loved his student.

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On his way to the border, Orochimaru was attacked by Kakashi, but the latter could not do much against the member of the Legendary Sannin.

3 A Lesson Learned: Iron Fist Of Love (Part I, Episode 153)

It is a filler episode from Part I, in which Naruto goes after Rokusuke. While trying to find Rokusuke, Naruto’s group comes across the Kurosuki Family. The group ambushed the Kurosuki Family members and managed to free the old man.

To everyone’s shock, Rock Lee meets an old friend, Karashi, who is working with the Kurosuki family. Lee tries to convince Karashi to return to his old ways, but the latter chooses to stay with his new group. Towards the end of the episode, Naruto’s group tries to chase Raiga.

2 Power Episode Final (Episode 295)

It is the final episode of the Power arc, which is a highly rated filler arc. It takes place right before Naruto joins the fray in the Fourth Great Ninja War. In this episode, Naruto is pushed to the extreme by the mutated Nine-Tails clone.

With the pressure building, Naruto starts to consider the Nine-Tails’ offer, but thankfully, Minato’s voice guided him to do the right thing. Naruto eventually manages to overcome his confidence issues and defeats the opponent, thus bringing an end to all the chaos.

1 Resonance (Episode 70)

The Twelve Guardian Ninja arc is among the better filler arcs in Naruto. The arc focuses on Naruto’s training to improve his control over Wind Release. In this episode, Naruto continues his battle with Sora, who activates his sealed Nine-Tails chakra. This causes the Nine-Tails inside Naruto to react violently, and slowly, Naruto’s body starts leaking the chakra of the tailed beast. It starts out with the one-tail cloak and goes up to third tails form.

Seeing Naruto struggling, Sora decided to take things up a notch, and he enters the four-tailed state in an attempt to force Naruto to do the same. Naruto uses his sheer willpower to fight back and manages to return to his normal state. This causes Sora to go into a state of contemplation, where he starts to deliberate how other people treated him.

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