Multiplayer Social DeductionGame Eville PC and Xbox Release Date Revealed

VestGames, an independent game development company, and Versus Evil, one of the leading independent video game publishers, are pleased to announce that their multiplayer social deduction game Eville will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam, The Humble Store, and other PC retailers on October 11th.

There’s murder afoot in the once peaceful village of Eville, and players itching to try their hand in a world of deceit and manipulation can join in the nefarious shenanigans to find out just who’s up to no good in a multiplayer game full of both intrigue and collaboration.

Eville casts players into randomly assigned roles with unique abilities, skills, and advantages as they look to either commit their dastardly deed or avoid becoming the conspirators’ next victim. Players can complete quests during the day and set devious traps to defend themselves during the night hours when they are most vulnerable. Within the quaint village map of Eville, players can also find forlorn citizens who need assistance and even encounter the ghosts of the dead, Eville may be a place of mystery and intrigue, but it’s not a place where dead men tell no tales either.

Featuring an array of colorful character roles including a Smuggler, Thief, Trapper, Detective and Barbarian, Eville also gives players the opportunity to cast doubt and aspersions about the other players as a Slanderer, creating an element of mistrust. Whatever your role, there’s murderous intent being planned and someone’s responsible, it could be you or it could be someone else, utilizing your social skills is key to your survival and making it through another day.

VestGames has added several additional layers that ramp up the tactical possibilities in the game. Additionally, a multi-layered map also adds a depth of strategy and replayability that players can explore with each role they undertake, each time they play

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