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If you’re a Call of Duty fan and you own a PlayStation 4 or PS5, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Modern Warfare 2 open beta is almost here. At the time of writing, the Modern Warfare 2 beta is only available to PS4 and PS5 pre-order customers. Fortunately, however, the Call of Duty beta will open up to all PlayStation owners on September 18. Sadly, UK fans will have to wait until later in the day to start playing the Modern Warfare 2 open beta, which has a 6pm BST UK release time.

Annoyingly, the Modern Warfare 2 beta isn’t available to pre-load, unless you’ve already pre-ordered it.

The Call of Duty multiplayer component weighs in at around 25GB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download – unless your internet is very slow.

Once you’ve installed the game and start playing, you’ll be able to enjoy a selection of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Domination, as well as Prisoner Rescue and Knockout.

It’s possible Infinity Ward will add new game modes or swap out existing modes as the beta progresses.

As for the maps, players can currently check out Breenbergh Hotel, Farm 18 and Mercado Las Almas. Valderas Museum may also make a return, after being swapped for Breenbergh Hotel.

As part of the upcoming game, Infinity Ward has also revamped the Gunsmith feature, letting players customise weapons like never before.

During the beta, players can Gunsmith the following weapons: M4, M16, Lachmann-556, FSS Hurricane, Lachmann Sub, Lachmann-762, FTAC Recon, LM-S, RAPP H, and the 556 Icarus.

If you’re unable to take part in this week’s Call of Duty beta, a second beta weekend will kick off on September 22.

PlayStation users will have full access to the second beta, regardless of pre-order status. The second weekend also opens things up to PC and Xbox players.

To make the beta weekends that little more special, players can unlock a selection of rewards simply by taking part.

Activision explains more: “No matter when or how you’re accessing the Open Beta1, get ready: You’re able to earn the biggest collection of free Beta rewards ever in Call of Duty history!

“A total of ten different reward items — including two Weapon Blueprints and an Operator Skin — can be earned throughout one or both Beta Weekends. These items can be equipped in the Beta as soon as you unlock them, and they are only available to unlock during the Beta itself. Don’t miss out!

“These special Beta rewards, available only if you earn them during the Open Beta, then become available at the launch of Modern Warfare II on October 28.”

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