MHA Cosplay Makes Bakugo’s Impossible Costume Feel Real

Bakugo is an explosive hero in training who always seems to be angry about something, and in a new cosplay, his costume comes to life perfectly!

The hot-headed hero in training known as Bakugo is a My Hero Academia character whose superhero costume design is instantly recognizable to fans of the popular manga and anime series. And now, thanks to a new cosplay of this explosive My Hero alum, Bakugo’s impossible look comes to life in accurate costumed detail!

Shared on Instagram by username @celestiallfae.cos, this anime-loving cosplayer consistently posts cosplay designs that anyone who shares a passion for anime can immediately appreciate. Not only dressing as characters from My Hero Academia, but @celestiallfae.cos is also known to dive into the worlds of Naruto, Devilman Crybaby, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and more, all in the name of producing some truly stellar cosplay pieces, with this Bakugo design being one of the best.


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A grudging but loyal friend to My Hero Academia’s main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya aka Deku, Katsuki Bakugo aka Kacchan, is a character who is, more often than not, only one step away from exploding both physically and emotionally. Perpetually stuck between channeling his anger to punch a bad guy in the face and save the day and using it to punch Deku in the face just because Midoriya annoys him, Bakugo has become a stand-out student of Class 1-A, most especially when out on the streets operating under the guise of his visually striking, over-the-top hero identity known as “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.”

Shown across three separate posts from three different photographers, @celestiallfae.cos’ Bakugo cosplay stands out for being true to its manga and anime roots yet also allows @celestiallfae.cos to have some creative freedom in how they express their love of the character. First seen crouching in a “superhero landing” pose, @celestiallfae.cos’ costume has all the necessary trappings of a perfect Bakugo cosplay — like his giant grenade gauntlets and spiky hair — with the only real change coming from @celestiallfae.cos eschewing the use of Bakugo’s domino mask; a decision that doesn’t affect the epic look of this live-action adaptation one bit. Next seen in a full-body picture that shows off @celestiallfae.cos entire costume design, it’s not until the final post that @celestiallfae.cos’ cosplay truly feels like it has been ripped straight out of the My Hero Academia manga. Edited with slight sparks shooting from @celestiallfae.cos’ hands, this little creative flourish coupled with @celestiallfae.cos’ perfectly oversized gauntlets acts as a tantalizing teaser for Bakugo’s “Explosion” Quirk, leaving fans to wonder if they’ll ever get a follow-up post to see it in action!

So while getting some more awesome edits of @celestiallfae.cos’ take on Bakugo would only solidify this look as one of the most real-feeling designs in the My Hero cosplay world, what’s presented here is more than enough to satisfy. It’s no secret My Hero Academia’s Bakugo has a costume that’s tough to pull off in the real world, but thanks to the artistic talent and commitment of @celestiallfae.cos, Kacchan has never looked better!

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