Metroid Prime remake on Switch is still due this year claims insider

Metroid Prime artwork

Will Metroid Prime be back before Christmas? (pic: Nintendo)

A prominent leaker has apologised for not checking his sources on rumours of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess coming to Switch.

As the recent leaks for GTA 6 and Diablo 4 prove, it’s almost unheard of nowadays for information on a new game not to leak out well before it’s officially announced. Leakers don’t always get everything right but overall the accuracy of their information tends to be very high… except when it comes to Nintendo.

Not only are Nintendo rumours less common than for other companies but they’re more often proven incorrect, such as the suggestion that remasters of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess would be announced at the Nintendo Direct earlier in the month.

The source for that was the normally reliable Jeff Grubb, who has apologised for the mistake and said he misheard the rumour and admitted he did not try to verify his sources as he normally would.

Grubb admits he got carried away and that from now on he will double-check every rumour before discussing any leaks.

With that in mind, he claims that his other Nintendo prediction, of a remake of Metroid Prime 1, is still accurate and that the game will be released this year.

He claims he and his sources are confused as to why it wasn’t announced at the Nintendo Direct and speculates that it could be because there’s no new information on Metroid Prime 4 and because Nintendo didn’t want to take any focus away from the Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom reveal.

A remake of the first Metroid Prime does seem like the sort of thing that would be released in the run-up to the launch of Metroid Prime 4, but since that certainly isn’t happening this year it does seem an unlikely prediction.

If the implication is that a new Metroid focused Nintendo Direct is planned for later in the year that’s not something Grubb mentions and, as ever, the only thing anyone can really do is wait and see what Nintendo does or does not announce.

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