Jynx looks more terrifying than ever with Pokemon Go glitch

Jynx is one of the more unsettling creatures in the Pokemon universe, but a glitch has made the humanoid monster even more terrifying thanks to a glitch in Pokemon Go.

There are a few Pokemon in the now 1,000 large Pokedex that doesn’t sit quite well with the Pokemon community. Whether it be their design or the way they’re described in the dex, some Pokemon miss the mark.

Of course, the topic of unsettling Pokemon can’t be discussed without acknowledging the humanoid Gen 1 monsters Mr. Mime and Jynx. While players don’t like the feeling of catching Mr. Mime as he’s the closest thing to a human that’s considered a Pokemon, Jynx has her own baggage.

While originally intended to resemble the Japanese mythical creature Yuki-onna, many western players rejected the Pokemon’s black face and over-exaggerated features as they felt its design perpetuated racism. Its design was then changed to a purple color instead.

Pokemon Go glitch makes Jynx even scarier

Of course, these changes didn’t do much for Jynx’s appeal with players. Her frightening eyes, large mouth, and accentuated features have put off several trainers despite her utility in battle.

But a Reddit user found a glitch in Pokemon Go that made the Human Shape Pokemon even more unsettling. A post from FriskySasquatch showcased the glitch in all of its glory asking, “What’s up with this Jynx?”

As seen below, the Jynx’s color scheme was changed due to a visual error turning most of its body a milky blue. The only portions that remained untouched were small windows of purple around the Pokemon’s eyes.

Users in the comments began weighing in on what they thought of Jynx’s new appearance. One user stated that she looked like a “sleep paralysis demon” while another called it “nightmare fuel”.

Other trainers took cheeky jabs are the glitch. “Looks like she got Mukked,” Murder-Wave commented. User RedSoulHeart stated, “This looks even worse than the original jinx…”

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