Just Stop Oil ‘sorry’ for leaving plastic rubbish near protest site on farm

Around 50 campaigners were arrested at the site a week ago, when they blocked oil tankers entering and leaving the oil terminal for around four and a half hours.

The protest group, which wants the immediate end to licensing for the exploration, development and production of oil and gas in the UK, said the dumping of rubbish did not compare to the environmental destruction of fossil fuels.

“If you are more outraged and furious about this small mess than you are about the threat to land, people and wildlife posed by the climate crisis then you need to think again,” it said in a statement. “The damage that is coming, aided and supported by our government can not be picked up and taken away.”

Protesters walk free from court

Five of the protesters on Tuesday walked free from court, after admitting to breaching an injunction against blocking the oil terminal, which also stopped a worker getting to a medical appointment.

The protesters were accused of “stretching” the resources of police dealing with the Queen’s funeral by Judge Emma Kelly at Birmingham Crown Court.

The judge jailed each of the protesters for 23 days, but suspended the terms for two years, because it was their “first breach”.

Sentencing them, she said: “Your actions caused significant harm to policing in Warwickshire when resources were already stretched to capacity by the Queen’s death.

“Simply because of the sheer number of you who had chosen to gather in one place, it created a risk of clearly significant harm should police be needed elsewhere.”

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