Intel Becomes First Major Corporate Backer To Krita Open-Source Digital Painting Program


Intel has become the first corporate “gold” patron to the Krita Foundation for their development fund to advance this open-source digital painting program.

Intel’s partnership with the Krita Foundation will include further collaborating and optimizing this leading open-source digital painting software for their hardware from hybrid processors to Arc GPUs. The Intel comments on becoming a Gold Patron for Krita note:

This strategic collaboration will deliver a series of new painting capabilities, making full use of the 12th and future Gen’s Intel Core Hybrid technology using powerful P-cores and E-cores, as well as the Intel Arc GPUs, all resulting into a more powerful painting experience with less lag. We are also excited about the support for JPEG XL, offering significantly better HDR experience and higher compression ratios, hereby meeting the needs of image delivery on the web and professional photography.’ Jerry Tsao, VP/GM of Intel CCG Mobile Enthusiast & Creator Segment.

More details on Intel becoming a corporate backer to this KDE/Qt-aligned painting program via


The Krita Development Fund Corporate Gold Membership means Intel is contributing at least €30K per year to the open-source project.

Besides ASIFA-Hollywood contributing, Intel is the second corporate backer to Krita and the only one of this highest corporate tier. More details on the Krita Development Fund via

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