Hytale Could Be One of the Biggest New Game Releases of 2023

Minecraft is a game that lets players exercise their imagination in an infinite sandbox that can be mined for different materials, where blocks can be stacked like LEGO pieces. Players have stretched their creativity within the game, crafting some mind-blowing creations, including massive homes with moving parts, as well as recreations of entire cities within Minecraft. Players have also been able to work together within private and public servers to make creations that are nothing short of breathtaking. Of the hundreds of servers available, none are more popular than the Hypixel Network, also known as Hypixel.


The Hypixel Network has become a global phenomenon, with players around the world joining to engage in the many mini-games on offer and to explore the unique maps. However, the server has outgrown Minecraft, and the developers will be launching a standalone title in 2023 titled Hytale. It has the potential to be an absolute smash hit, as the Hypixel Network has demonstrated just how many gamers are ready for this type of game.

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The Rise of Hytale

The Hypixel Network was created by Simon Collins-Laflamme and Phillipe Touchette in 2013 after the two wanted a new place to show off the Minecraft maps they would post on YouTube. It did not take long for the server to gain popularity, but this resulted in players having to queue before they could play. To partially remedy the situation, the creators introduced mini-games to keep players occupied, but the mini-games hooked gamers a bit too well and became the main draw.

Maintaining the server is very expensive, costing the developers over $100,000 by 2015, which necessitated the inclusion of microtransactions. However, this ability to generate income was heavily crippled when Mojang changed Minecraft‘s rules which cut down Hypixel‘s revenue by 85%. Instead of giving up on the project, the developers have decided to make a standalone game in the form of Hytale. Like Hypixel, it will feature plenty of mini-games, including player-versus-player (PvP) games, and players will be able to use mod tools and share their creations. Fans of Minecraft will feel right at home, but there will also be plenty of additional features to draw players in.

Hytale Has Great Potential

The popularity of Hypixel demonstrates just how potentially successful Hytale can be. It holds many gaming world records, including Guinness World Records for Most Popular Minecraft Network Server and Most Popular Independent Server For a Video Game, and it regularly enjoys over 150,000 concurrent players. Each month, about 2 million players are attracted to the server, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

While there is still a long wait until Hytale‘s release, excitement for the game is exceedingly high, which illustrates that the popularity of the Hypixel Minecraft server will likely transfer to Hytale. When the announcement trailer for Hytale was released in 2018, the game’s director, Aaron Donaghey, admitted that he would have been happy with 500,000 views. Instead, the trailer received 11 million views within the first month, solidifying Hytale as a game to look out for. Even if only half of those viewers end up purchasing the game, it could easily make Hytale one of the bestselling games of 2023.

With Hytale, the developers have stumbled onto a goldmine of an idea. They have managed to filter out all the great aspects of Minecraft, which include building structures and connecting with friends, and they have made it easier than ever for players to make use of mods and share their creations with others. It is unavoidable that it will face endless comparisons to Minecraft, but for Hytale that may not be a good thing, because it could be a genuine alternative to the behemoth game.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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