Hunters global release delayed until 2023

Looks like the soft launch isn’t going so well for Zynga

Zynga first announced that it was developing a competitive Star Wars arena game back in February 2021, known as Star Wars: Hunters, but it was delayed in September 2021, pushed to a 2022 release window. Well, despite entering soft launch where we went hands-on with the title this past November, it would appear Zynga feels the game still hasn’t met the studio’s high expectations, and so the arena shooter has been delayed again, this time pushed back to an unknown date in 2023.


The Zynga Star Wars Twitter account has announced in an update that Star Wars: Hunters is delayed until 2023. This is the second delay for the game, which is rarely a good sign. Having tested the title this past November (including half an hour of gameplay), I can say it basically played like any generic mobile hero shooter, where you simply run and gun through quick matches. The graphics were nice, and while the gameplay was fine enough, nothing about the title stood out; it simply played like a run-of-the-mill competitive shooter with a Star Wars skin slapped on top. So perhaps the latest delay is a good thing instead of launching a hum-drum game, especially when that game is slated for a Nintendo Switch release alongside mobile.

Sadly Zynga has yet to share a detailed release date, so all we have to go on is that Star Wars: Hunters will now arrive sometime in 2023. Zynga has confirmed it will continue to roll out new content to those who are participating in the current soft launch until the worldwide launch takes place, and a new update is expected to land within the next few weeks. It is clear development’s still trucking along despite the latest delay, so here’s hoping Zynga finally figures out how to polish this one to completion in the next year.

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