How to Unlock the Drone Relic

Tower of Fantasy puts players in a world full of peril around every corner. The world of Aida is as dangerous as it is stunning. Most activities in the game, from minor quests to finding items, have some sort of combat in them. Combat is a primary focus of the game and a vital part of what makes Tower of Fantasy such a fun game. Despite its emphasis on combat, Tower of Fantasy does not equip players with many defensive options. There are no set armor pieces with defensive capabilities, and players usually have to rely on skill to avoid damage. This is where relics come in. Relics are gadgets that can aid in both attack and defense. One such relic is the drone relic in Tower of Fantasy. This relic is a drone that hovers around you, boosting attack and defense immensely. In this guide, we are going to cover how to unlock the drone relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How To Get The Drone Relic In Tower of Fantasy

Drone Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Unlike most other relics in the game, the drone relic can not be obtained by completing a quest or beating a boss, making it among the hardest relics to acquire. To get this relic, players will have to get 30 drone shards which they can then use to create the drone relic in Tower of Fantasy.

The only way to get the drone shards is through SSR Relic Boxes, which can be rewarded through numerous activities, ranging from quests to beating bosses to completing bounty missions.

The downfall, however, is that there is no guarantee that a relic box will give you a drone shard, making the process random and much more complicated. You can get enough shards to unlock the drone relic in Tower of Fantasy through tons of grinding. It is, however, worth the effort since this is among the greatest relics in the game and serves as a watchful eye.


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Tower of Fantasy is available for PC, iOS, and Android devices.

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