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Though the event for the 2022 rendition has only just ended, competition for a spot in Pokemon Go’s 2023 World Championship is underway. This has brought a spark of competitive spirit among returning hardcore players and past competitors alike as Niantic opens the floodgates for players to earn their spot.

Much like every other competitive aspect of the Pokemon franchise, Niantic’s mobile game has earned a spot at the World Championships, bringing in a whole new audience of Pokemon fans. With this in mind, many new players may aspire to join the ranks to compete for the title of the Pokemon World Champion.

However, many players may not know where to start. Luckily, competing for a spot at the Pokemon Go World Championships may be easier than other gamers think.

Pokemon Go 2023 World Championships: Everything to know

Much like every other rendition of the event, players cannot simply sign up for the Worlds Championship and expect to compete. Instead, to receive an invitation, players must first perform well in their respective regional tournaments. Luckily, the first ones in Spain and the US are currently taking place.

With the current format being judged, players looking to compete will need to invest in the Great League format as this is the format being judged. Players must also have a legal team for their Pokemon Go account format. In addition, players will also need a Pokemon Trainer Club account.

One of the criteria many players may overlook is that each competing player must be in good standing with the Play! Pokemon program. The group is responsible for organizing these events. The best way to stand out to this group is by participating in the non-competitive Pokemon League events.


As for what players can win once they participate in Regional Championships for Pokemon Go, only the top two players will be able to move on. Placing first or second place in these events will guarantee an invitation to the Worlds event, but placing first will ensure all travel costs will be paid for.

For players who manage to find themselves in the International Championships, placing in the top four placements will grant them access to partake in the Worlds event. However, only the top two will have their travel costs paid for in full. With this in mind, players must start climbing Pokemon Go’s ranks to qualify.

While some countries have already had their events underway, more will be held in the future. The following events to be held at each level for both International and Regional include:

  • Brazil International Championships – November 2022
  • North America Regionals – Peoria Civic Center, Illinois – September 29th – October 2nd
  • Latin America Regionals – FIERGS Events Center, Brazil – September 24th – September 25th
  • Europe Regional – Lille Grand Palais, France – October 21st – October 23rd

As for the main event, the next Pokemon World Championships event will take place in Yokohama, Japan. However, a specific time at which the event will be hosted has yet to be announced.

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