How To Get The Cipher Pata

During your journey through Elden Ring, you’ll come across many mundane and fantastical weapons, but only a few offer such a uniquely mystical appearance as perfectly as the Cipher Pata. A fist weapon that scales only on Faith, this might not be one of the strongest weapons in Elden Ring, but it certainly offers a coolness factor that simply can’t be ignored.

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This guide will detail where to find the Cipher Pata and how best to wield the weapon effectively, including the best Talismans to fully take advantage of this unique fist weapon.


Where To Find The Cipher Pata

Unlike many of the weapons found in the Lands Between, which are hidden away in dangerous catacombs and dark caves, the Cipher Pata is found in the bastion of safety: the Roundtable Hold. From the central round table where you first fast travel—by the roaring fireplace—you’ll want to head to the balcony. It’s found on the opposite side of where Finger Reader Enia is located. You’re likely to spot Sorcerer Rogier sitting just to the right on the balcony.

Leap over the balcony to the floor below. The drop might look a bit too perilous, but you shouldn’t take any fall damage. After landing on the lower level, run forward to the far doors, and you will eventually be invaded by Mad Tongue Alberich.

Mad Tongue Alberich Invasion

Mad Tongue Alberich is a challenging invader, wielding a Scythe and Staff of the Guilty. His Scythe causes Bloodloss buildup, and he repeatedly will cast Frost spells such as Glintstone Icecrag and Freezing Mist. The combination of Bloodloss and Frost buildup can quickly spell an end to this battle, so you’ll want to be extra careful when approaching this encounter.

He will repeatedly use his Scythe’s weapon art, Sword Dance, which can cause rapid Bloodloss and Frost buildup. This is perhaps his most devastating attack, so be wary of this move. It involves a charge and two big sweeping moves with his Scythe.

  • He likes to use the spell: Briars of Sin, which involves him raising his staff high, then the ground around him erupts in thorny growths. The area of effect is relatively small, so when you recognize this attack (when he raises his staff into the air), retreat to a safe distance. You can use this opportunity to heal.
  • Like many lightly armored invaders, he is susceptible to staggering, so if you manage to get him in a corner or land a strong blow, get in as many hits as you can before he retreats.
  • Mad Tongue Alberich can drink his own Crimson Flask during this invasion, but only once. If you see him healing, you can use the opportunity to heal yourself or to capitalize on his vulnerability, striking during the drinking animation.
  • Upon defeat, Mad Tongue Alberich will drop 1,562 Runes, a Taunter’s Tongue, and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

After defeating the invader, head through the doorway on the left side of the hall (left when facing the large double doors across the room opposite the balcony). Follow these rooms, and you will eventually find the Cipher Pata resting on a bed in the far corner of the final room.

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How Best to Use The Cipher Pata

The Cipher Pata is a unique weapon in that it only scales with Faith and completely bypasses enemy armor. In turn, the Cipher Pata deals less damage than similar weapons. Also, since it only deals Holy damage, you will encounter some enemies which are resistant to Holy damage, leaving you at a disadvantage. This is why it’s important to always carry a backup weapon to swap to when dealing with such enemies.

The Cipher Pata’s Weapon Art, Unblockable Blade, is also exceptionally powerful. It’s extremely quick for a weapon art, and it does serious damage. When performing it, you draw the Cipher Pata back and then quickly lunge forward, leading with a stabbing attack.

Due to the Cipher Pata’s status as a fist weapon, you are able to dual-wield this weapon to devastating effect. You can capitalize on its quick attacks with certain Talismans (details below).

Since this weapon scales solely on the Faith stat, it is a prime candidate as a melee weapon for an Incantation caster build. But, if you’re just interested in a melee-focused build revolving around this weapon, you’ll want the right Talismans for the job.

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Best Talismans For The Cipher Pata

Two Fingers Heirloom

This Talisman offers a flat +5 Faith. Since the Cipher Pata relies solely on your Faith score for damage, and its based damage can be a bit lackluster, you’ll want to severely prioritize that stat.

Sacred Scorpion Charm

This Talisman increase Holy damage by 12%, a major boon for the Cipher Pata, which only deals Holy damage. The downside of this Talisman is that it also increases physical damage taken by 10%. Due to the quick attacks of the Cipher Pata, the increase in Holy damage far outweighs the potential damage taken.

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

This Talisman increase your attack power with successive attacks. It increases your attack power by 6%, 8%, and 13%. Due to the quick attack nature of the Cipher Pata, this Talisman can quickly prove its value—plus, it will stack with the Sacred Scorpion Charm, resulting in some major damage increases. The less powerful version of this Talisman, the Winged Sword Insignia, is a worthy replacement until you acquire the superior Rotten version.

Claw Talisman

This Talisman, quite plainly, enhances jump attacks. This Talisman will not only offer you a 15% increase to attack damage when executing a jumping attack, but it will also heavily contribute toward breaking your enemies’ stagger bar, allowing you an opportunity for a Critical Strike. If you also have Sacred Scorpion Charm and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, you might benefit from skipping the Critical Strike and instead attacking as much as possible while your enemy is staggered.

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