How to Complete the ‘It’s All Yours’ Achievement

The popular mobile game BitLife recently reworked the Corporate Job system through its Business Update, making it more difficult to climb the corporate ladder and become a CEO. And that means completing the Achievements also becomes tougher, especially the “It’s All Yours” Achievement in particular. In this article, we will help you become a CEO and complete the “It’s All Yours” Achievement in BitLife Business Update.

How to Complete the “It’s All Yours” Achievement in BitLife

BitLife: How to Complete the 'It’s All Yours' CEO Achievement

To complete the “It’s All Yours” Achievement in BitLife Business Update, you must become a CEO through Corporate Jobs. You cannot own or create your own Businesses because doing that will instantly turn you into a CEO instead. Here’s the step-by-step guide to do it:

  1. Get your character to Age 18.
  2. Before heading into University, choose a Business-related Major such as Economics, Marketing, or Accounting.
  3. Complete the Four-year Program and get a Degree in your chosen Major.
  4. Enroll in the Business School.
  5. Once you graduate from Business School, apply for a Corporate Job. Any Entry-level Position marked as “Corporate” should work.
    • Usually, it’s Operations or Financial Analyst.
  6. From here, keep Aging up your character and work hard to gain Promotions.
  7. This is the list of Corporate Job Career Paths as of BitLife’s latest Business Update:
    1. Generic Corporate Job (Operations or Financial Analyst)
    2. Senior Operations or Financial Analyst
    3. Assistant Vice President after working for 15 years in the Corporate field
    4. Vice President
    5. Executive Vice President
    6. Managing Director
    7. President
    8. CEO

You should be able to get an opportunity to become a CEO after you have worked as a President for a number of years. When you get the pop-up for the Job offer, you should finally obtain the “It’s All Yours” Achievement and see the CEO’s salary, the business’s financial standing, and staff data. At this point, you can just accept the offer, negate for higher pay, or reject it.

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BitLife is available on Android and iOS.

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