How Do Egg Moves Work in the Pokémon Games? Answered

From what we’ve gathered from playing the Pokémon games, your moves are typically confined to the moves you can obtain while leveling up, but now, Egg Moves are a thing. This was an idea implemented by Pokémon‘s creators to prevent players from creating overpowered Pokémon that were virtually indestructible. Though Egg Moves are a bit of a hidden mechanic in the game, something, you can use to your advantage. Keep reading to learn more about how egg moves work in the Pokémon games!

What Are Egg Moves?

Egg moves are innate moves that your Pokémon has when it hatches from its egg. Though, Egg moves are unique. Rather than getting a random move specific to that type of Pokémon, your egg gets handed down a move from one of its parents. Using this information, you can actually breed specific Pokémon for Egg Moves to try to increase the range of moves that it has available to it once it hatches. The idea is that you could give the child Pokémon any move that either of the parents can learn.

How do Egg Moves work in the Pokémon games? Answered

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How do Egg Moves Work in the Pokémon Games?

Originally, the father would only be able to transfer one move down to the egg. However, since Pokémon X and Y, you can transfer moves from both parents rather than just the father. This means, starting at level 1, your baby Pokémon could have 1 of each of its parents’ 8 moves. There would be a 1/16 chance of you getting the moves you want, but you can still try as many times as you’d like. This essentially gives you the option to have a super overpowered Pokémon without breaking any of the game’s rules. The Pokémon Egg Move can be any of the parent’s learnable moves as long s they are actively using it when the child is created.

Using this information, you can create virtually any Pokémon you want. You wouldn’t have to worry about limitations on moves. You could create any combination of Pokémon types with move types and have a Pokémon that would be virtually indestructible. The possibilities are quite possibly endless. All you have to do is learn to work with Egg Moves in Pokémon games. Now pull out your gaming system and get to work!

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