How a Fifth Shinobi World War was in the making

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set in a time when the neighboring countries are in a peaceful state. This is quite different from the period in which shinobis like Hashirama and Madara were born. The Warring Period saw tens of thousands of people dying on a daily basis. However, all the villages and nations have come a long way since then.

Despite the villages being in a state of peace, there have been instances when the villages’ safety has been jeopardized. Many Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fans might not have noticed, but a Fifth Great Shinobi World War was in the works. A few individuals played an important role in averting a major crisis that could have engulfed at least four countries in the flames of war.

Let’s take a look at all the events that nearly led to another war that could have triggered another war and resulted in the deaths of thousands of shinobi.

Boruto: Understanding how fans could have witnessed a Fifth Great Shinobi World War

The events in Boruto are set in its present timeline, right after Konohagakure succeeded in subduing Momoshiki. These events are taken from Shikamaru Shinden, as a result of which the narrative is explained from his perspective. The Seventh Hokage had scheduled a Five Kage Summit to thank the other Kages for lending their support during the fight against Momoshiki. While things were going smoothly in the beginning, it got a little heated when Kurotsuchi pointed out that Konohagakure was developing shinobi gadgets without informing their allies.


The Mizukage, along with Kurotsuchi, stated that this put them at a disadvantage when comparing their military strength. Kurotsuchi later gave an ultimatum of sorts, stating that Iwagakure would part ways with the Shinobi Union if Konohgakure did not provide them with top secret information. Boruto fan-favorite Shikamaru contacted Anbu members and asked them to go to Iwagakure in order to understand Kurotsuchi’s true reason for wanting to part ways with the shinobi union.

This is when things get interesting. The Anbu members got back to Shikamaru and informed him that Iwagakure was ordered by the Daimyo of the Land of Earth to invade and take over the Land of Flowers. Boruto fans might not be aware of this place, but Iwagakure was ordered to invade it because it was very fertile. However, due to Shikamaru’s efforts and Naruto’s speech on maintaining peace, the invasion didn’t happen and peace was maintained.

Boruto: What would have happened if Iwagakure invaded the Land of Flower?

The logo for the Land of Flowers (Image via Pierrot)
The logo for the Land of Flowers (Image via Pierrot)

If Iwagakure invaded the Land of Flowers, the Land of Lightning would have been forced to take action due to their alliance with the Land of Flowers. Following this, Hidden Mist would have sided with the Land of Stone. Konohagakure, which was looking for peace, would have sided with the Land of Lightning and Land of Flowers, leaving the Sand Village out of this war since they are neutral.

Multiple countries would have taken part in this war and things could have gone horribly wrong. This war could have led to the deaths of countless shinobis. All of this was avoided thanks to Naruto’s speech during the country’s summit.

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