Hammer of Virtue Invited to Upcoming Steam Bash Bash Event

Developer No Pest Productions will join the ranks of unreleased games gaining a spotlight with the Steam Bash Bash event. It’ll go live later this month, and it aims to showcase a variety of fighting-based titles. Hammer of Virtue, a game that dedicates itself to pure destruction, will appear at Steam Bash Bash. Players who enjoy some playful chaos can look forward to the game’s demo and more when it arrives within the approaching weeks.

Bring the Ruckus with the Hammer of Virtue

In Hammer of Virtue, a team of evil scientists has established force fields all over the planet. For you, your assignment is to infiltrate the enemy with a power hammer and an indestructible suit. These are your only sources of equipment in your fight against an array of evil robots and animals. However, we can also use our environments to take them down. Indeed, the game comes with a heavy dose of fully-destructible structures. Nearly anything you see can be torn down with the might of your hammer, coupled with some deadly strikes upon your foes.

It’s still in its development stages, yet No Pest Productions has been sharing its process with Hammer of Virtue. Before the game has a chance to appear at Steam Bas Bash, we can actually check out some early footage. Here, we’ve attached Trailer 3, the most recent of the released videos from the developer. It perfectly captures the game’s description and the world with an appropriate tune playing in the background. Be sure to check that out and the game’s other videos and screenshots through the Steam page.

Hammer of Virtue is just one of the many games that have been announced for Steam Bas Bash. For the uninformed, this event sort of works like Steam Next Fest, though the presented games work under one category: fighting/melee. It will include demos and footage of unleashed titles where their genre fits into hack-and-slash, spectacle fighters, or any game that involves melee. The event will run from September 19 to September 26, starting at 10 AM PT.

Do you know of any more interesting titles that are set to make a stop at Steam Bash Bash asides from Hammer of Virtue? Which ones are on your radar?

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