GTA 6 leaker claims he’s ‘looking to negotiate a deal’ with Rockstar

The person who claims to be behind Sunday’s GTA 6 leak has claimed they’re looking to “negotiate a deal,” with Rockstar, following the incident.

In an update to their original post on the GTA Forums, user Teapotuberhacker wrote the following message as an edit to their first post.

“Ok, so this has gone unexpectedly viral, woke up to 3000 Telegram DM’s. If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take 2 and you’re trying to contact me, send me a message containing 22559219889638875756 on Telegram or you can email me at [email protected] ** from your corporate email address ** I will try to read all these replies soon – I am looking to negotiate a deal.”

It’s unclear what exactly the leaker in question would want, or what they believe they have in terms of any leverage over Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two, which has spent most of the day battling the leak by issuing takedown notices to YouTube. 

It’s possible that the user has more confidential information on GTA 6 beyond what was posted today as snippets from what is claimed to be the game’s source code have also made their way online, albeit in an incomplete form.

This could suggest that the user intends to hold Rockstar to ransom over the remaining material.

First posted to the GTA Forums, the leaked footage includes open-world gameplay which is alleged to be from GTA 6, and they appear to be legitimate. It’s claimed by the leaker that the videos were downloaded from a Slack channel.

If legitimate, the leaked build confirms the previous reporting that the game would take place in Vice City.  Bloomberg reported earlier this year that the game, which it claims began development sometime in 2014, is “at least two years away”.