Grubb talks lack of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD & Metroid Prime, in Nintendo Direct

Before the September Nintendo Direct journalist Jeff Grubb claimed that we would be seeing Wii U ports of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD along with the rumoured Metroid Prime remaster which was apparently scheduled to this holiday season. However, none of these games were announced during the Direct. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Grubb said that he was wrong regarding the information he was given though he says that he still believes that Metroid Prime remake is planned for this winter on Nintendo Switch. Here is a quick write up of what was said via Reset Era member, IDon’tBeatGames.

The two Wii U Zelda game Switch ports:

He acknowledges that they never verified their sources like they typically do for everything he leaks or reveals. There was no vetting process on the Wind Waker & Twilight Princess stuff. Him and Mike “misheard” about WW/TP, got caught up in the hype like everyone else, never double checked and confirmed this information which led to this huge mistake. As for Metroid Prime Remake, he’s checked yet again, he’s still under the assumption that it’s coming out this holiday. He has no understanding as to why Nintendo didn’t reveal it, assuming his sources are right. He’s just as confused as everybody else.

Lack of Metroid Prime Remake:

He wouldn’t be shocked if Nintendo didn’t want to reveal Metroid Prime Remake in the same Direct as Tears of the Kingdom because it’d bring down the mood and lead people to questioning where’s Metroid Prime 4. He doesn’t blame anyone at all if they were skeptical reading this speculation/hypothesis because it sounds ridiculous. However, we all have to remember, Nintendo is very weird. His core reasoning for this speculation, which again is a guess, is because Nintendo probably wanted BOTW2’s title reveal to be a big moment and not have anything bad surrounding that announcement.

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