GoPro Hero 11 Black vs iPhone 14 Pro: Action Mode Tested!

Over the past week I’ve been comparing the iPhone 14 Pro to the GoPro Hero 11 Black. At first glance that might sound like a quirky proposition, but in reality, it’s very real world. Even more so with adding a new ‘Action’ mode to the iPhone 14 series. That new mode basically takes the 4K sensor area, and then cropped into it a 2.8K image, and fully stabilizes it.

Of course, stabilization on phones (Apple or otherwise), is nothing new. But there’s a substantial difference between the stabilization of yesteryear that’s designed for casual walking, and that designed to stabilize mountain biking or an all-out running sprint. Both of which I test.

In the test video above I dive into all the below in various modes (action and non-action):

– Walking Test
– Running/Sprinting while tracking a cyclist
– Underwater footage (pool)
– Underwater footage (ocean)
– Slow-motion footage (cannonball, obviously!)
– Night general footage
– Night footage while walking
– Wind audio/mic testing while cycling at speed
– Mountain biking footage
– Drone testing
– Driving testing with different camera options
– Running through to airport to catch my flight because I’m always late



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