Goku Vs. Naruto Returns As Manga Fans Settle Who Wins Without Powers

Goku Vs. Naruto is a classic debate. But who would win a powerless martial arts battle? Fans on Twitter sound off. Here are a few of the best moments.

There’s no debate that Son Goku and Naruto Uzumaki are the two dominating legends that completely embody the shonen genre. And of course, fans need no encouragement to imagine a brawl between the two. Both fighters lead their own series and are undeniable heavyweights in martial arts.

Goku and Naruto are two of the most iconic manga heroes of all time. Each of them is a more than competent fighter who have taken on multiple world-ending threats and still emerged on top, relatively unharmed. While Naruto and Goku have crossed over in art by the series’ respective creators, the two have never met in any official crossover, meaning it’s up to fans to decide which of the two martial artists would win. Needless to say, when one Twitter user asked who would win in a fight without powers, the conversation quickly grew heated.


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A viral thread on Twitter from Pranish_W is asking whether Naruto or Goku would win in a no-powers martial arts duel. Fans of each series have plenty of opinions on which manga hero would come out on top in a battle of pure fighting prowess. Some of the biggest responses came from those who thought the Saiyan warrior would absolutely trounce Konoha’s Seventh Hokage.

Naruto defenders chimed in with their takes, pointing out that Naruto’s techniques and response times clutch him the win.

Still other fans thought the two were far more evenly matched than some were making it out to be.

One fan decided to end the fight themselves with an absolutely devastating comment for Naruto.

Others are gracing the internet with reaction tweets and memes. Two Twitter users went for comedy:

In all fairness, Naruto has numerous victories under his belt that make him a worthy opponent and capable of giving Goku a run for his money. Still, despite Naruto’s skill, Goku would easily be victorious in a no powers martial arts duel. Goku is one of the most overpowered manga characters, but he would still be considered too powerful as a human. His physical and mental abilities put him leagues ahead of Naruto. As a Saiyan, Goku possesses a variety of god-tier physical attributes that he has built up to inhuman levels through years of intense training.  Even with these advantageous capabilities, Goku clinches another edge by having a plethora of mental advantages that throw his opponents off balance. Naruto would undoubtedly lose out to Goku because all of his physical abilities are granted through his and Kurama’s chakra. If that was taken away, he would assuredly lose in a martial arts battle. He’s an impressive opponent with his powers, but he doesn’t have the same physical mastery that Goku possesses. Now if it was Rock Lee Vs. Goku, that would be a much different story.

Overall, no matter the potential outcome of a Goku and Naruto battle it’s debates like these that emphasize the passion these warriors spark amongst fans. Community engagement like this is always great to see, and it’s great that Pranish_W ignited a great discussion!

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Source: Pranish_W

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