Free PS Plus Game TOEM is Getting Surprise Update

One of the current free PlayStation Plus Essential games for September 2022 is getting a surprise big update to celebrate its anniversary.

Indie studio Something We Made has announced a surprise update for TOEM, which is currently one of the free PlayStation Plus games that subscribers can claim for their PS5 consoles. TOEM has joined the PlayStation Plus lineup as it’s celebrating its one-year anniversary, giving more gamers than ever the chance to try it out. Those who are playing TOEM through their PS Plus subscription and enjoying the game will be happy to learn that it is getting a surprise update in the near future.


For those who may be unfamiliar with the game, TOEM is a black-and-white indie game centered around photography. TOEM earned mostly positive reviews when it first launched in 2021, and even managed to take home some awards. While it may not be the biggest free PS Plus game for September 2022 in terms of scope, it’s certainly one of the better-reviewed offerings in this month’s lineup.

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Developer Something We Made has now announced that the Steam version of TOEM is getting a substantial new update on September 16 that will add a brand-new region to the game called Basto. The update is coming to the PlayStation 5 and Switch versions of the game “soon after,” though specific timing has not been announced at the time of this writing. In any case, Basto is said to be TOEM‘s biggest region to date, giving players plenty of new quests and activities to complete. Those that want to explore Basto for themselves will need to complete TOEM‘s story and then talking with their grandma at Homelanda.

Fans of the game will be happy to learn that besides new quests and mini-games to partake in, this big TOEM update will also add new PlayStation trophies and Steam achievements to unlock. This is great news for PlayStation trophy hunters with PS Plus, as they will now have more trophies to earn in the game and can give their overall trophy score a boost. Of course, it’s unclear when the PlayStation 5 version of the update will be available, so PS Plus subscribers and trophy hunters will have to stay tuned for more news on that front.

Those that don’t have a PlayStation console handy should note that TOEM is currently enjoying a big discount on Steam. To help celebrate TOEM‘s anniversary, Something We Made is selling the game at a whopping 50% discount on Valve’s digital marketplace. Similar discounts have not been announced for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, or Epic Games Store versions of the game, but those with PS5 can get it completely free as long as they are signed up for PS Plus Essential.

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