Fortnite Chrome Splash location and how to phase through walls

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 introduces the new Chrome Splash item.

Not only can it be used to traverse the Fortnite map, there’s also an additional effect that allows you to phase through walls. This all ties in with the chrome theme that’s front and centre in the new season.

You’ll want to know where to find Chrome Splash in Fortnite, and how to use it to move through walls. This can be a great way to get the edge over your opponents, and several challenges can be completed by using Chrome Splash in different ways. If you’d like to start levelling your shiny new Battle Pass, then using Chrome Splash is a brilliant place to start. Here’s how it works.

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Fortnite Chrome Splash locations

Chrome Splash can be found as ground loot in Fortnite. This means you may see it lying on the ground, or in chests that you open. Look out for chrome chests too, as they have a higher likelihood of containing chrome-items and weapons, like the EvoChrome weapons. You can see a screenshot of what Chrome Splash looks like below:

Note that in-game, Chrome Splash will be a purple (Epic) pickup. Look for glowing points of purple light to track it down!

How to use Chrome Splash

Chrome Splash functions as a throwable item. Throw it next to you to paint yourself in chrome. You are now in the Chromed state. Pressing the left stick will transform you in and out of a chrome blob (blobify and deblobify). While moving as the blob, you can travel much faster than on foot. Double tapping jump will allow you to warp forward, similar to how the Zero Point Fish worked last season. You can also dash with the left trigger. Fall damage is negated in this state, but be aware that being a chrome blob does make quite a bit of noise.

You can also apply chrome to other players by splashing them with the item. Try throwing a Chrome Splash at a teammate to put them into the Chromed state.

Phase through walls using Chrome Splash.

How to phase through walls

Another interesting thing about Chrome Splash is that it can be used to move through walls. Just throw one at a wall, and you’ll see a strange chrome blob that you can move into. You’ll then phase through the wall to the other side. This can be a great way to escape attacks, or to flank enemies.

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