Fifteen people arrested in Leicester clash between Hindu and Muslim gangs

Sir Peter Soulsby, the mayor of Leicester, said that he was baffled by the disturbances, insisting the city was normally “very peaceful” with good relations between different communities.

He blamed people posting videos and comments on social media for distorting the facts and inflaming the tensions.

Sir Peter said: “I’ve seen quite a selection of the social media stuff which is very, very, very distorting now and some of it just completely lying about what had been happening between different communities.”

He went on: “I have talked to a lot of community leaders and they are doing what they can to bring Leicester to normal because in Leicester, normal is very good relations between people of different faiths.

“They and I, while being baffled by it, are also very disturbed by it. But I think we are all very confident Leicester is resilient enough to be able to return to normal relations very soon.”

Sir Peter also warned that people from other parts of the country, including Birmingham, had been travelling to Leicester to take part in the disorder.

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