Everything We Know About The ‘Destiny 2’ Anime That Does Not Officially Exist

With the success of Cyberpunk Edgerunners, that brings us to Netflix’s third massively popular video game anime adaptation after Castlevania and Arcane, and I’ve heard a lot of people saying the same thing in my circles.

So, when’s the Destiny anime?

While I am not reporting any inside info here, I am willing to state pretty plainly that yes, a Destiny animated series is coming as part of Bungie’s future brand expansion plans. There have been many, many clues and just common sense developments that indicate this is in the cards and to me, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

  • First of all, Bungie has made it explicitly clear that they plan to expand Destiny beyond the games. Mark Noseworthy and Luke Smith were both promoted out of their old roles to essentially oversee the development of the Destiny universe as a whole, including these multimedia projects.
  • Bungie previously added Viacom CBS’ Pamela Kaufman to its board, a clear indicator that they are planning to expand into multimedia in the future. The literal heading of the announcement for the Kaufman hire was “Bungie welcomes entertainment and media expertise to the Board of Directors.”

So, Destiny is expanding into multimedia. But why anime, and not live action? Sure, in theory I can buy that maybe both are in the cards, but it’s anime that seems like the easiest slam-dunk to get things started here, given the sheer cost of what a live-action Destiny series would require to do it right, and the risks involved there. And we have a clear pattern of home runs with recent anime adaptations, like the ones I’ve just mentioned, while live-action has been more hit (The Witcher) or miss (Resident Evil, Halo).

There are other factors that lean toward animation as the next step here.

  • Bungie posted a listing for a job that required ““experience with licensed products, and/or animation, scripted television development or current programming.”
  • Back in February 2022, Bungie hired Riot Games’ Derick Tsai, League’s animated shorts director, to become Head of Destiny transmedia.
  • Bungie also just hired Riot Games’ Bridget O’Neill as a full-time Senior Director, Creative Studios, when previously she worked on the Arcane TV series.

So, that’s starting to stack up. Then there’s just the extremely obvious and huge development that Sony bought Bungie, Sony of Sony Pictures and Sony Television, but perhaps most important, Sony who now owns Funimation and Crunchyroll, two of the biggest anime streaming platforms in existence, which have now been merged. And no doubt Sony has great relationship with many of the animation studios who work on all the series airing on those services.

To sum up:

1) Bungie is watching a bunch of video games produce high quality, beloved anime series.

2) They have publicly stated their intent to move the Destiny IP into transmedia.

3) They have hired a number of animated-related roles including some of the minds behind Riot Games’ animation.

4) They are now owned by Sony which owns a mega-streaming anime platform and has relationships with countless animation studios.

A Destiny anime is coming. It’s just a matter of when it’s announced, who it will be animated by and where it will be streaming. Stay tuned.

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