Everything to Know Before the Anime Premieres

My Master Has no Tail is an upcoming comedy anime about tanuki girls, rakugo comedy theater and the joys of the Japanese entertainment world.

The Summer 2022 anime season is now winding down, and fans of light-hearted comedy anime no doubt enjoyed titles such as The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting and the second season of The Devil is a Part-Timer!. Anyone who’s going to miss those charming titles can try My Master Has No Tail next, a wacky series slated to release in the Fall 2022 season.

My Master Has No Tail is all about the time-honored Japanese art of rakugo, or Japanese stand-up theater, and the protagonist Mameda will soon learn that entertaining and tricking humans with her words isn’t so easy in this day and age. However, this tanuki girl will give it her best shot, and she’s going to need a master to teach her the ways of rakugo and help Mameda unlock her potential. It’s time for the big show.

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The Plot & Characters of My Master Has No Tail

My Master Has No Tail gets its unusual title from the protagonist’s viewpoint, with her describing the odd nature of her human mentor in the world of rakugo. This anime’s heroine is the charming tanuki girl Mameda, who is more used to traditional Japanese culture and folklore, meaning she is unprepared for the realities of 21st-century life. Unfortunately for the playful trickster Mameda, modern people don’t fall for the magical pranks and tricks of tanukis anymore, but there is still hope. If Mameda wants to have fun with humans and cast her trickster magic on them, she can embrace the ways of rakugo and enchant her audience in more ways than one. First, though, she’s going to need a coach.

To reinvent her tanuki prankster career, Mameda assumes a human form and visits the bustling city of Osaka, where she struggles until she meets a dark-haired lady named Bunko, who knows more than a little about the ways of rakugo. Now it’s up to Mameda to convince Bunko to accept her as an apprentice, learn the ways of rakugo and become Osaka’s #1 non-human entertainer in the world of stand-up comedy and storytelling. This is a challenge like no other, and the free-spirited, creative Mameda can’t wait to get started.

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Where to Watch & Read My Master Has No Tail

The anime adaptation of My Master Has No Tail is due to start streaming on September 30th, 2022, meaning it will be one of the Fall 2022 season’s first anime titles to start airing, even before Spy x Family‘s early start date. Western anime fans can tune in to My Master Has No Tail on the anime streaming giant Crunchyroll, which will offer a simulcast of the anime as it airs in Japan. It’s not yet certain which languages Crunchyroll will offer for the Japanese dub, but English is almost certain to be available.

Interested fans can also try out the source manga, which has a limited but easily accessible release in the West. For example, Barnes & Noble’s online catalog offers all current volumes of My Master Has No Tail in digital eBook format, with Volume 7 being the most recent release. Similarly, Amazon’s online catalog offers the seven currently available volumes in Kindle format, although no paperback release is available as of this writing.

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