Emotional Duchess of Sussex sheds a tear as Queen’s coffin is driven away

The Duchess wore a pair of pearl and diamond earrings given to her by the late Queen. She wore them on her first joint engagement with the monarch, when they opened a new bridge in Cheshire in June 2018.

Earlier, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the procession into the Abbey, walking behind the Prince and Prince of Wales and their children, and ahead of the Earl of Snowdon, Peter Phillips, the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Michael of Kent and the Duke of Kent.

The Duchess clasped her hands in front of her, while the Duke looked pensive.

Meghan appeared upset as the late Queen’s coffin was placed on an altar. She stood watching for a few moments alongside her sister-in-law, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, before taking her seat.

Prince Harry, who was not permitted to wear military uniform, had earlier taken part in the procession from Westminster Hall.

When members of the Royal family saluted as the late Queen’s coffin was carried into the Abbey, he gazed straight ahead, unable to join them despite serving for 10 years in the Army.

The Sussexes are expected to fly back to the US to be reunited with their children as soon as possible.

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