Electronic Arts CEO kinda hopes Call of Duty will become an Xbox exclusive

Possibly the biggest potential obstacle to the biggest videogame industry acquisition of all time—Microsoft’s proposed takeover of Activision-Blizzard (opens in new tab)—is Call of Duty, and specifically the possibility that Microsoft could one day make it a console exclusive, thereby denying it to Sony. Microsoft has repeatedly said it won’t (opens in new tab)—at least, not anytime soon—while Sony says the actual on-paper guarantees fall far short (opens in new tab) of public representations.

Amidst all the hubbub, there’s one man who wouldn’t mind terribly if Microsoft did someday decide to make Call of Duty a platform exclusive: Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, who said during a recent Goldman Sachs event (transcribed by Seeking Alpha (opens in new tab), via GameSpot (opens in new tab)) that even just the possibility of Call of Duty becoming an exclusive is good news for EA’s Battlefield series.

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