EA Sports College Football Details and Release Month Reportedly Leak

The first concrete details for EA Sports College Football may have leaked online via reliable sources. Although there are numerous sports games, there are few that hold such power in the industry like the NCAA Football franchise. The EA Sports series ran for a full 20 years before ending with NCAA Football 14 on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013. The series ended after no shortage of controversy surrounding college players not being compensated for their likenesses in video games and other products. Of course, this was a major issue given how well the series performed and athletes in other video games like Madden are compensated accordingly. Nevertheless, following a change in rules that allows college players the ability to be compensated, EA has confirmed it’s bringing the franchise back and it may not be too long until we get to play it.

As reported by The Athletic (via ResetEra) – which corroborated reporting from Extra Points and 247Sports -, EA will reportedly release EA Sports College Football in July 2023 and will only be available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The game is reportedly expected to be the most detailed college football game ever made and will be built on the Madden engine, allowing for plenty of next-gen detail. Although there are some things that are still being finalized, EA is aiming to include school-specific music and traditions on a per-school basis and real players, though the latter is very much up in the air right now. According to the report, EA Sports College Football is not a reskin of Madden and will include key NCAA franchise elements such as a transfer portal, Dynasty Mode, and Road to Glory. Things like mascot matches have yet to be determined, however.

As always, none of this has been confirmed by EA and if true, the game is still a full year away, meaning anything can change. A lot is riding on EA’s return to college football, however. A rushed cash grab will not do the publisher any favor, especially as the yearly reception to Madden continues to spiral in the eyes of fans. 2K is also working on its own new football game, which only increases the stakes. Whether or not EA’s return will be triumphant remains to be seen, but hopefully, we will hear more about it next spring.

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