Dragon Ball’s Version of Naruto’s Most Iconic Jutsu is Much More Absurd

Naruto’s Clone Jutsu is an incredibly useful technique that every hero is forced to learn, and Dragon Ball turned it into a complete and utter joke.

There are few Jutsus more iconic in the Naruto manga than the Clone Jutsu as it is one that every ninja is forced to learn upon their initial training, though many fans may not know that Dragon Ball has its own version of the iconic technique–one that is much more absurd than Naruto’s.

The Clone Jutsu is a technique that was first introduced in Naruto Chapter 1 by Masashi Kishimoto and has been a mainstay technique ever since. As the name suggests, the Jutsu, when done correctly, grants the user the power to create copies of themselves. The fighter’s chakra is split between all of those newly-made copies. Therefore, each clone is given a fraction of the original ninja’s power. This move is incredibly useful in a pinch because it can be used to distract an enemy as well as surround them during a one-on-one fight. This gives the ninja using the Jutsu an immediate advantage in battle.


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In Dragon Ball Chapter 62 by Akira Toriyama, Goku is battling a Red Ribbon Army warrior known as the Purple Ninja who is hellbent on killing Goku after the Saiyan infiltrated his organization’s base of operations. While Goku had been able to best the ninja at every turn during their fight, and even made his attacks seem like complete jokes, the Purple Ninja uses a move that was made famous by Naruto: his very own Clone Jutsu. In the blink of an eye, Goku is surrounded by five identical Purple Ninjas with the presumption that four of them are clones of the original. However, as the chapter quickly reveals, the Purple Ninja’s ‘cloning’ technique wasn’t a form of mystical ninjutsu at all, but was, instead, something much sillier.

Rather than actually achieving a form of Clone Jutsu, the Purple Ninja simply recruited the help of four of his brothers as it was revealed that the enemy was just one of five quintuplets. This explanation as to how the Purple Ninja was seemingly able to clone himself is absolutely absurd as it required this skilled ninja to have four equally skilled brothers who looked exactly like him in every way and were willing to join him in battle at the drop of a hat. While a form of Naruto’s Clone Jutsu may exist in the Dragon Ball universe, it was certainly not exhibited by the Purple Ninja who effectively made a joke out of the technique.

While ridiculous, the Purple Ninja’s ‘cloning’ method did achieve the same effect as Naruto’s. Even though he didn’t actually clone himself, the Purple Ninja was still able to surround his enemy with what seemed to be exact copies of himself, which proved effective in both confusing Goku and bombarding him with attacks from all sides. Technically, Dragon Ball’s version of Naruto’s Clone Jutsu worked just as well, it just requires the ninja using the ‘technique’ to have four siblings who look exactly like them and are equally as skilled in combat, which are parameters that are simply absurd.

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