Does Riolu have a significantly lower hatch rate? Pokemon GO players suggest so

Another day, another Reddit post pointing out something negative the Pokemon Go community has noticed from Niantic.

This time it revolves around the hatch rate of Riolu from Eggs. Many believe that it is much lower than other Pokemon, but are disappointed by the fact that there was no announcement that this would be the case.

Reddit user Oxay started a discussion about Riolu’s hatch rate being significantly lower than other Pokemon in its same Egg rarity tier. They did a short study which has led them to believe this is the case.

Pokemon GO community feels Riolu hatch rates are too low and have thoughts on the subject

Riolu sits in the same tier in the Test Your Mettle event as the likes of Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Diglett, Galarian Meowth, and Galarian Stunfisk. The event will soon end and it has players concerned.

The concern comes from the lack of Riolu hatching from those Pokemon GO Eggs. During these special events, 7 km Eggs have themed Pokemon hatching from them.

The Eggs themselves are received when opening a Gift sent from an in-game friend. If one is placed in an Incubator during the event timeframe, then one of the themed Pokemon will hatch.


The issue Oxay seems to be having is the complete non-appearance of Riolu. Five Pokemon are possible from the 7 km Eggs and they all should have the same hatch rate.

With 15 Eggs hatched up to this point, not a single Riolu was delivered to Oxay. The expected 1-in-5 hatch rate proved to be false, unless the user was as unlucky as could be.

The user did mention that the sample sizes are low, but other notable sources like The Silph Road have indicated Riolu’s hatch rate is much lower than others that belong to the same rarity tier, such as Alolan Diglett.

Other Pokemon GO users join the discussion

The discourse in the community with Niantic has been palpable as of late. From alleged anti-consumerism to long discussions about beloved features being removed, to say players are unhappy is an understatement.

A commenter said they saw this coming. There has been no disclosure from Niantic about the hatch rates of the 7 km themed Eggs in Pokemon GO and seeing the choices in the Egg tier drove them away from even trying.

Some players believe it would have been helpful if Niantic told them Riolu would have a lower hatch rate and others feel it is a dirty tactic by the developers to keep it in the same rarity tier as others but with that lesser rate.

A few players have been lucky to get at least one Riolu from their Pokemon GO Eggs. The 1-in-27 Eggs by user Chemical_Annual_2798 is a prime example of the issue brought up by the original poster, however.

That bit of luck hasn’t changed anyone’s mind. One commenter likened it to gambling, but because of regulations in place for in-game gambling and lootboxes, they feel Niantic has tiptoed around it with the Egg hatch rates.

Then there are some who are full-fledged, calling what Niantic is doing a scam. The iconic mobile title that once brought players all around the world together is seeing its community become further and further distanced.

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