Devolver’s Subversive Game Tumble Time Releasing Early 2023

Devolver showed a new trailer of its mobile game Tumble Time at GameSpot’s Swipe mobile showcase, including a release window. And though the mechanics look similar to typical mobile games like Tsum Tsum, it’s infused with an edge of subversive Devolver humor.

The trailer states that this is a “for profit” game, though it’s free-to-play, and details how you can unlock and upgrade your characters. It takes place within the Devolver-verse, so to speak, since it features various Devolver characters. It even includes Fork Parker, Devolver’s fictional chief financial officer.

You’ll get quests and make progress by tracing a line between matching characters, causing them to tumble down into the playfield and do it all again. It’s a classic time-waster, and Devolver isn’t shying away from the label. In fact, the new trailer ends with the catchy tagline: “squander your precious time on earth.” Fun!

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