Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder: All Week 5 Challenges

The Pirate-themed Destiny 2 season, Season of Plunder, now enters its 5th week, bringing with it another set of seasonal weekly challenges for you to work toward. Some challenges are fairly straightforward—like slaying Guardians in Crucible—while others involve completing a series of increasingly difficult riddles, like Seeker’s Cache II.

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This week’s challenges are a bit lighter than previous ones, involving only seven seasonal challenges, but several challenges reward players with Challenger XP++, a substantial boost over regular XP rewards.


Antiquarian V

Return the fifth relic to the H.E.L.M.

Also, defeat powerful Fallen throughout the system. Defeating more powerful combatants will award bonus progress.

  • Relic placed
  • Powerful Fallen 0%

Rewards: Repute, Challenger XP+

Like previous weekly seasonal Antiquarian challenges, this step requires you to progress through the Sails of the Shipstealer weekly quest steps in order to acquire the Relic. Once the Relic is obtained, return it to the H.E.L.M. and place it on the table opposite the seasonal Star Chart alongside the previously collected weekly Relics.

Seeker’s Cache II

Summon crewmates in Expedition and Ketchcrash.

Also, decipher the Medium Treasure Beacon, available from the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.

  • Crewmates summoned 0/20
  • Medium Treasure Beacon

Rewards: Repute, Challenger XP+

Seeker’s Cache II, much like Seeker’s Cache I from the week 2 seasonal challenges, requires you to pursue a series of pirate-themed riddles in the search for buried treasure across the system. Once you acquire the Medium Treasure Beacon, you can begin the Cryptic Quatrain II Questline.

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Resist and Revolt

Acquire Cry Mutiny.

Rewards: Challenger XP++, Bright Dust

In order to get the Season of Plunder ritual weapon, Cry Mutiny, you will need to reach Rank 16 in Crucible, Gambit, or Vanguard. While this challenge can be difficult to complete, pay special attention to the double XP weekends as those help speed up the leveling process quite a bit.

Oh Captain

Defeat Cabal and Fallen bosses in strikes or Vanguard playlists.

  • Cabal bosses 0/5
  • Fallen boss defeated 0/5

Rewards: Challenger XP++, Bright Dust

This step can be completed very quickly by running specific strikes, but if you’re feeling patient, it’s very doable to complete this step simply by regularly running strikes from the Vanguard playlist.

Expert Expedition II

In Expedition, gather treasure into the treasure haul and defeat Champions.

  • Treasure collected 0/25
  • Champions 0/5

Rewards: Challenger XP

Another no-nonsense challenge. Boot up Expedition, collect treasure, and defeat the Champion at the end of the Expedition. Simple as that!

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Defeat targets with Scout Rifles and Shatter Damage

Defeating combatants in Ketchcrash and defeating Guardians will award bonus progress.

Rewards: Challenger XP+

You can choose your favorite on this one — Scout Rifles or Stasis damage — but why not choose both? If you have a Perses-D Scout Rifle, it deals Stasis damage, offering you the opportunity to double dip on this challenge.


Defeat Guardians in Crucible. Bonus progress is granted for opponents defeated with the help of Arc or Stasis effects.

Rewards: Challenger XP++, Bright Dust

This challenge is pretty straightforward. Boot up Crucible and slay, Guardian!

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