Demo For Outerminds’ ‘Turbo Kid’ Video Game Launches on Steam September 26 [Trailer]

In case you missed it the first time, Puppet Combo’s latest game Night At the Gates of Hell is out now on Steam. We even get a new trailer to get more of that zombie goodness mixed in with our PS1-era graphics.

Developed by Black Eyed Priest & Henry Hoare (the duo behind Puppet Combo’s Bloodwash), Night At the Gates of Hell is a Survival Horror FPS inspired by Italian zombie films from the likes of Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei, PS1-era gore, and “sweat-drenched neon disco”. You are David, a quiet, recently widowed man living in his seaside apartment.  Unfortunately, a zombie outbreak descends upon his city and disrupts his normal everyday life. After gathering his thoughts, collecting a few weapons, and meeting up with other survivors, David realizes that he must fight his way to the truth behind the apocalypse, by gunning and slashing through the hordes of zombies.

To escape the city, players will need to solve puzzles, hunt for resources and, of course, kill zombies. Said zombies can only be eliminated with a shot directly to the head.

“I was also inspired by the early Resident Evil titles, but wanted to challenge myself to make it feel like a first person styled early RE title,” explains developer Jordan King of Black Eyed Priest. “What I mean by that is to require headshots on the zombies to kill them (which can be difficult to do without any fixed aiming!), and to keep the zombies slow and menacing. Most games seem to go with fast zombies in hordes but I wanted to keep this a tense, deliberate combat experience.”

At the moment, you can pick up Night At the Gates of Hell for a cool 10% discount on Steam until September 21.

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