DC League of Super-Pets Remixed Naruto’s Rasengan & Chibaku Tensei

It’s safe to say Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime of all time. Since Masashi Kishimoto created the franchise in 1999, it’s gone on to span movies, video games, and now the Boruto series that’s continuing the next generation of ninja in Konoha. Such is its impact, celebrities like NBA superstar Zion Williamson and UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, can often be found sporting gear — with the former rocking Naruto-themed shoes, and the latter often homaging Rock Lee or the Akatsuki.

Interestingly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe paid tribute to a deadly move associated with Sasuke Uchiha’s Rinnegan in the past, reinforcing how animated styles and the mystical dynamic from the East is influencing Western pop culture. Ironically, though, Warner Bros. got in on the act as well, with not just one but two power moves being copied in DC League of Super-Pets.

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DC League of Super-Pets Used the Rinnegan’s Chibaku Tensei

The first move is the Chibaku Tensei, which saw Rinnegan users forming a black sphere between their hands that got hurled into the sky. Once activated, the orb sucked everything in the near vicinity in until a large satellite was created. Users controlled how large it became, or how many orbs were formed, which depended on their chakra. Nagato used it to bomb the Hidden Leaf, while Madara Uchiha created several ‘mini-meteors’ and dropped them on Naruto’s legion in the Kaguya War.

While the MCU had Thanos dropping a moon down on the Avengers on Titan and Defender Strange trying to trap a mystical creature inside an orb, Super-Pets mixed the offensive fundamentals of both tactics against Superman’s dog, Krypto. It occurred after Lex Luthor’s guinea pig, Lulu, got empowered by orange kryptonite. She developed psychic powers and telekinesis, which resulted in her kidnapping the Man of Steel.

When Krypto came after the godlike Lulu, though, she crushed the top of a building and smashed the debris into the pooch. She basically locked him into this planetary orb, suffocating Krypto, and then crashed him into another building. It was a scary show of power that left Krypto damaged and also, realizing he needed help to rescue his owner. The fact Lulu did it so effortlessly was quite intimidating, exuding that Madara energy.

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Super-Pets Also Homaged Naruto’s Famous Rasengan

The second Naruto move used in Super-Pets is the titular protagonist’s energy ball, the Rasengan. It was created by his father, Minato, and passed down through Konoha, with the likes of Jiraiya, Kakashi, Naruto and Boruto all using the technique thereafter. Konohamaru also got in on the chakra ball, which came from manipulating nature’s energy. What gave Naruto and his son the edge was they made shadow clones who could combine their elevated chakra levels, especially in Sage Mode, to make the ball even more powerful as they molded it.

This is paid tribute in DC League of Super-Pets when one of the other guinea pigs Lulu empowered tried to make a Rasengan to attack Krypto, Ace and Co. The villain charged up and finessed a ball of lightning, homaging Naruto’s stance and such. But just when it seemed like the goon had created the perfect bomb, it just… dissipated like fireworks.

It was quite hilarious but also underwhelming, as fans expected something that could level city blocks. After all, Lulu was a destroyer and the Rasengan was a true weapon of mass destruction — but in this case the DC Rasengan was a comical dud, reaffirming that some of Lulu’s disciples weren’t on her level.

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