Pokemon Go Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day start time and how to catch a Shiny

For the August 2022 Community Day Galarian Zigzagoon is the focus for this Pokemon Go event. Galarian Zigzagoon, the regional variant of the Gen 3 Normal-type, and its evolutions will take the spotlight this weekend for Pokemon Go Community Day. As with other events of its kind, trainers should expect plenty of opportunities to catch … Read more

Modders have finally been able to jailbreak the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has been on the market for nearly two years, and the console has finally been jailbroken. Skilled modders have revealed the jailbreak online alongside its several limitations. A modder that goes by the name SpecterDev publicly disclosed the jailbreak on GitHub, revealing that it’s an experimental IPV6 kernel exploit that also utilizes … Read more

Xbox sale round-up October 4th, 2022

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Into the Hive Edition includes: • Aliens: Fireteam Elite• Pathogen $29.99£24.74€29.99$44.96$40.49 25% Assassin’s Creed Odyssey $15.99£13.39€16.99$24.54$19.99 80% Assassin’s Creed® Origins – DELUXE EDITION $17.49£12.59€15.99$23.04$22.49 75% Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition $39.99£39.99€43.99$63.98$51.99 60% Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass includes: • A Matter of Family• 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack• Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile … Read more

How to beat Team GO Rocket Grunts in Pokemon GO (October 2022)

As many trainers are aware, Pokemon GO is home to many different types of gameplay. Many take part in the geocaching experience to collect creatures, hatch eggs, and participate in Raid Battles. However, some play the game to challenge the antagonistic organization, Team GO Rocket. Many players choose to challenge the members of the villianous … Read more

Microsoft has launched a website to explain its Activision Blizzard acquisition

What you need to know Microsoft creates a dedicated webpage for its ongoing Activision Blizzard acquisition for $68.7 billion. The website provides updates, quotes, and charts related to the deal. The European Commission has a deadline to approve the acquisition or launch a further investigation into the deal by Nov. 8. Microsoft has dedicated a … Read more