Next No Man’s Sky PS5, PS4 Update to Streamline Game for Newcomers, Veterans

No Man’s Sky, following its complicated PS4 launch, has grown exponentially in the six years since. The game, which has received over 20 free updates, is pretty much a different beast: while its expansive universe remains, there’s much more to discover in it than there’s ever been. For newcomers, this presents a completely new problem: … Read more

Slate Digital acquired by SSL owner Audiotonix: “I’m so proud of what our team has been able to achieve over the past decade,” says Steven Slate

In another significant industry move, plugin developer Slate Digital has been acquired by Audiotonix, whose existing brands Allen & Heath and Solid State Logic. Founded in 2008 by Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel, Slate Digital has gone on to create a high-quality roster of plugins, which are available on a monthly subscription via the All … Read more

No Man’s Sky Creator Is Happy To Leave Microtransactions Out Of The Game

Image: Hello Games We are but a few short days away from No Man’s Sky’s inaugural flight to Switch on October 7th and we are buckling in to see how this massive game plays on Nintendo’s comparatively tiny console. In order to put some of our fears to rest, we recently got the chance to … Read more

Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn is an exciting action-RPG mix of Elden Ring and God Of War

When action RPG Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn was revealed in March, its cinematic trailer struggled to conjure up anything more than a slight tinge of excitement. Then a gameplay reveal arrived later at Summer Geoff Fest and it immediately slid into the “Cor, this game looks a bit good doesn’t it?” category of my brain. Finally, another game befitting A44, the studio behind minimalistic Ashen which Brendy quite enjoyed.

Colour me excited when I had the chance to see a half-hour presentation of the game in action at this year’s Gamescom, and chat to A44’s CEO Derek Holding at the same time. It was even better than I’d expected, honestly, and I’ve come away with the belief that it may just be one of the best Soulslikes to arrive in quite some time.

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