UK broadcasters battle monarchy over control of Queen’s memorial footage | Monarchy

British television channels are in a battle with the monarchy over who controls the historic record of Queen Elizabeth II’s commemorations, after Buckingham Palace insisted broadcasters could only retain an hour of footage for future use. The BBC, ITV and Sky News have been given until Monday to produce a 60-minute compilation of clips they … Read more

Liz Truss’s chief of staff paid via lobbying firm in potential tax-saving move | Liz Truss

Mark Fullbrook, Liz Truss’s new chief of staff, is being paid for through his lobbying company in a move that may help him minimise tax. In a highly unusual move, the prime minister’s most senior adviser is receiving his salary through Fullbrook Strategies. It comes after Kwasi Kwarteng, the chancellor, repealed IR35 rules in the … Read more

Keir Starmer calls Tories’ trickle-down economics a ‘piss take’ as he slams Tory tax cuts

Sir Keir Starmer called trickle down economics a “piss take” as he tore into the new tax cuts announced by the government on Saturday. Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced on Friday that the 45p income tax rate paid by Britain’s highest earners will be axed, among a roster of other measures, including accelerating a planned 1p … Read more

Indonesians wait on UK farm jobs after paying deposits of up to £2,500 | Immigration and asylum

Indonesians dreaming of working in Britain are understood to have paid deposits of up to £2,500 to a Jakarta agency to “guarantee” jobs on UK farms that have not yet materialised. Labour experts say a deposit is considered a work-finding fee, which is illegal in the UK and Indonesia. One worker told the Guardian he … Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng denies plans to relax environmental rules in push for growth | Environment

Kwasi Kwarteng has tried to play down concerns that ministers plan to tear up a series of environmental regulations in their push for growth, after a furious backlash from wildlife and green groups. “We’re not going to relax environmental rules,” the UK chancellor told BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show, arguing the only aim … Read more

Liz Truss plans more immigration in effort to fill vacancies and drive growth | Immigration and asylum

Liz Truss is preparing to increase immigration to fill job vacancies and boost economic growth in a move that will anger some of her ministers and MPs. The prime minister plans to raise the number of workers allowed to enter the UK, government sources have confirmed. Reports claim the government will lift the cap on … Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng mulls more beneficial tax cuts for high earners | Tax and spending

The government is considering a series of further tax cuts that could hand thousands of pounds to high earners, shortly after it announced the biggest giveaway in 50 years. Plans under consideration could include bringing back a tax-free allowance for workers paid more than £100,000 a year, and lifting the amount pensioners can save before … Read more