What’s So Super About Superfoods?

Summary: Researchers question if so-called “superfoods” are really as good for you as people claim and, if so, how should they be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Source: University of New South Wales Everyone has heard of the good old saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It’s a phrase that … Read more

5 Ways To Balance Blood Sugar & Support A Healthy Metabolism

You know the saying “You are what you eat?” Well, the same goes for your metabolism. If you want to keep your blood sugar balanced and optimize your metabolism, being mindful of foods and dietary patterns in relation to their impact on blood glucose control is key.  LeVeque recommends first focusing on incorporating foods from … Read more

Eat More of This Carb – Even Supplements Make a Big Difference

High-fiber food choices include bananas, whole wheat bread, apples, and broccoli. The human gut evolved to thrive on fermentable fibers, not burgers. It might be daunting for customers to choose from the vast selection of dietary fiber supplements in the pharmacy or supermarket aisle. They also offer a variety of health claims without being subject … Read more

What is the healthiest bread?

Sign up for CNN’s Eat, But Better: Mediterranean Style. Our eight-part guide shows you a delicious expert-backed eating lifestyle that will boost your health for life. CNN  —  One of the foods many people hate to love is bread. It tastes so good, but we often get messages that, nutritionally, it’s so bad. There are … Read more

Most dietary supplements are a waste of money. Here are the ones to take, and what you should avoid.

Doctors said healthy adults should prioritize eating a balanced diet over taking dietary supplements.Hollis Johnson/Insider Insider put together a chart showing which supplements are safe, and what to avoid. Doctors recommend getting nutrients through food, as overdosing on supplements can cause health problems. But research shows some supplements can be useful. You likely don’t need … Read more