In 1999, Naruto adapted into anime and split into Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Subsequently, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations emerged as an expansion. But even as Naruto blazes on in multiple timelines, there’s a big twist about Naruto character ages. However, for all that we know, Naruto began his adventure from the Ninja Academy to his … Read more

Naruto filler episodes: everything you can skip in the anime series

What Naruto filler episodes are there? One of the defining anime series of the 2000s and beyond, Naruto has proven incredibly popular for decades now. Over the course of hundreds of episodes, fans have followed all the Naruto characters through thick and thin. Between the original animated series, and the sequel Naruto: Shippuden, there’s a lot of ground … Read more

‘Kawaki’s Cover Blown?’ – Boruto Anime Episode 267 Review

Sosha being her messy self in ‘Kawaki’s Cover Blown?’ (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 267) Boruto anime episode 267, titled ‘Kawaki’s Cover Blown?’, dealt with Kawaki’s dynamic with Eiki while also having him come face to face with the threat against Kae. With the anime writers making Osuka go through some character development in the previous … Read more

Naruto fandom is outraged over Ikemoto’s drawing of Sarada from Boruto chapter 73’s cover

Since the leaks about Boruto chapter 73 were released a couple of days ago, the fandom’s reaction has been mixed. The chapter has also proved to be one of the most controversial ones to this day due to its story and character design. The creator behind the manga, Ikemoto, made some questionable decisions concerning the … Read more

Shonen Anime That Are Just Too Short

One of the worst feelings to experience after getting thoroughly invested in an anime is when that “Next Episode” icon vanishes, and a Google search confirms the fan’s greatest fears; that this may indeed be the end of the road! After either drying unwarranted tears or screaming in frustration, one must come to terms with … Read more

Lonely Castle in the Mirror Anime Film Announces 8 Additional Voice Cast Including Yuki Kaji

    The official website for the forthcoming anime film adaptation of Mizuki Tsujimura’s fantasy novel Kagami no Kojou (English edition title: Lonely Castle in the Mirror) announced eight additional voice cast members today. As reported, 15-year-old actress Ami Touma is cast as the protagonist, Kokoro.   RELATED: 15-year-old Actress Ami Touma Voices The … Read more

How the Side Ponytail Anime Hairstyle Became a Meme

When it comes to anime and manga characters, hair colors and styles can say a lot about their personalities without a single word needing to be spoken. For instance, pigtails — better known in Japan as twintails — are typically worn by characters who are especially innocent, child-like or emotionally immature. Meanwhile, red or orange-haired … Read more