LOOKISM Anime Confirmed For This Fall

With the recent announcement of the second season of Tower of God, the question of the adaptation of manhwa (Korean comics) in the anime space grew ever more pressing. However, almost as if clairvoyant, Netflix has addressed whether there will be more adaptations of popular non-Japanese works in the anime space, WEBTOON titles in particular. … Read more

Naruto Receives 20th Anniversary Video With Re-Animated Scenes

The Naruto anime series has received an incredible 10-minute tribute video for its 20th Anniversary! Table of Contents[Hide][Show] Studio Pierrot released a Naruto 20th Anniversary video on their official YouTube channel on Monday to commemorate the anime series. The video contains re-animated scenes from the original series and Naruto: Shippuden that leave us all wishing … Read more

The 10 Most Popular Anime Characters Of All Time (In Japan)

Anime fandoms are constantly abuzz about which characters are objectively the best. Whether it’s power scaling shonen heroes and debating over who could defeat the other or discussing which characters are the best-written, anime fans love comparing their favorites. RELATED: 20 Most Popular Characters in Anime History (According to My Anime List) Gauging which characters … Read more

The Real Reason Romance In Naruto Doesn’t Work

A user (who has since deleted their account) wrote a lengthy essay-like post exploring two incompatible but popular pairings in the fandom: Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno (Chie Nakamura), and Naruto and Hinata Hyūga (Nana Mizuki), which are commonly referred to as NaruSaku and NaruHina respectively. As fans will surely know, of the two, the pairing which became canon … Read more

Crunchyroll Reveals Fall 2022 Anime Line-Up

With a new season of anime ahead, Crunchyroll has announced some of its line-up. From titles like Chainsaw Man and Berserk, to My Hero Academia, fans will have plenty to watch. The Fall season has plenty of favorite returning series and brand-new series. Crunchyroll provides fans with subbed and dubbed anime series, including some newer … Read more

How Summer’s Best Anime Put a Heartbreaking Twist on Pokémon

Contains spoilers for Made in Abyss Season 2!The Pokémon franchise has featured various tragic stories over time, but one anime managed to top all of those with its own heartbreaking version of a Pokémon. Despite their many appearances and types, Pokémon all generally share certain characteristics like communicating only through their names and being distinctly … Read more